No Junk Mail in the City of Belmont

No Junk Mail in the City of Belmont

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Benjamin Froud started this petition to To the Mayor City of Belmont Locked Bag 379 CLOVERDALE WA 6985

Hi my name is Benjamin,

Like you I am concerned for our environment. But more often than not I feel powerless to help, just like I think we all do often these days. I have an idea that everyone can do to reduce our collective global impact…locally.
Did you know “JUNK MAIL” makes up an astonishing six per cent of Australia's total paper usage, amounting to 240,000 tonnes of paper annually. The water needed to produce a year's worth of catalogues could fill 8,640 Olympic-sized swimming pools.”
In such a dry continent it does not make any sense to use our precious water and energy resources to make what is eventually, coloured glossy rubbish. No good for even wrapping up fish and chips, cleaning windows, and you can’t even burn it (or you shouldn’t). Plus perhaps you probably don’t need anything inside the magazines either, and is pointless looking at them wishing you had something when you would have one already if you could afford one…
So why do you need the “Junk Mail” well - you don’t!
All the specials currently available at every store in the world is now conveniently displayed on the World Wide Web. It has been an invention in play since the 1990’s (April 30, 1993 actually). If you haven’t tried it yet I highly recommend it.
Anyhow the magazine is available at the store when you get there, should you decide you need to buy something, and just not sure yet.
I am personally canvasing the streets of Belmont going door to door, requesting the good citizens say "NO" to this waste of resources.
Your signature can really count as we are aiming to get 50,000 signatures before we take this to a council meeting to finally rid the town of its most unwanted and unneeded sources of rubbish, pollution and mismanagement of vital life sustaining resources like water and power.
As I go door to door I will also have a stock of stickers and metal placards should you like to install one at your letterbox. No Junk Mail PLEASE! Stickers $3, small metal sign (suitable for any installation) $15, all proceeds go to helping me keep this going (and cover costs only - strictly not for profit).

We are a really large municipality with a large number of residents so if we all get behind this drive for NO JUNK MAIL IN CITY OF BELMONT we can make a huge difference together.

We could be one of the first councils in Australia to take this long required community step - BUT WE NEED YOU! Please sign your details on the following sign sheet, please note your personal details are not released or stored anywhere other than that bit of paper that you are about to sign. This bit of paper will be given directly to council when we reach out target numbers, one copy will be made and destroyed after successful lodgement. No further contact will be made to signatories after signing in direct nature to this signing or for any other reason.

With this success so others can follow.

Concerned Belmont Resident

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At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!