Axel and Paris do not deserve the death penalty, please release them back to their owners!

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An animal by-law officer deemed two Rottweilers, Paris and Axel as 'dangerous' after Axel lunged and nipped at a construction worker and caused a bruise the size of a dime.  The worker did not notice the bruise until afterwards.  There was no blood or broken skin.  Animal control was called and while they were waiting, the construction crew shared their lunches with the dogs.  When Animal Control showed up, the dogs willingly jumped into the back of the van.  The by-law officer cited another incident when the dogs escaped and ran to a nearby school yard, and scared some of the children. Because of the dogs history, he filed a court order to have the dogs destroyed.

Meanwhile, the dogs have been at the Richmond  shelter since October, 2013.  The owners, Prabjot and Nav Nijjer are NOT allowed to visit them.  They have admitted they could've been more careful and they've built a new fortress-like fence, are committed to trainers, classes, and have also hired a lawyer - so far with no recourse.  What more can the owners do at this point? Sadly, this is a case of bad behaviour and lack of training - it is not the dogs' fault.  "Dangerous" according to the by-laws is where an animal "kills or seriously injures a person or a companion animal."  Paris is completely innocent and  Axel caused a minor bruise - but do they both deserve to die because of this?  

Please return Axel and Paris to their owners - let the Niijers prove  they can be responsible dog owners with the safety of the public in mind.  Personally, I have met these dogs at the shelter and they are as gentle and loving as rotties get.  Axel is a love-bug, just a goofy bouncy excitable boy.  Paris is quiet and so gentle.  Please sign and share.  Thank you!


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