Petition Update

GOOD NEWS! We're extending the petition with a broader focus!

Dr. Krystyna Steiger
Montreal, Canada

Jun 2, 2012 — In this, the 3rd version of my original petition, which first urged Vytautas Magnus University to cancel its scheduled conference honoring Holocaust collaborator Juozas Ambrazevicius(-Brazaitis), I respectfully ask the government and parliament of Lithuania to remove from state-sponsored institutions and public places all memorials, plaques, street names and other honors dedicated to pro-Nazi individuals and institutions of 1941 that contributed to the Lithuanian Holocaust.
THE ABOVE PHOTO, as just one example, shows the commemorative plaque outside the VMU auditorium named for Ambrazevicius-Brazaitis, who signed the order in 1941 for Jews to be herded into a ghetto (for more visuals see:

Sincere thanks to all signatories thus far, and please recommend this petition to to whomever you think would like to support a great cause!

Krystyna Anna Steiger