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Petitioning Israeli Police

To the Israeli Police: Release Teen Peacemaker Mahmoud Jabari

On February 25th, Mahmoud Jabari, a nineteen year old peacemaker who seeks to harness the power of journalism in promoting peace and reduce Israeli/Palestinian tensions in the city of Hebron, was arrested by the Israeli police while reporting on a protest.

Mahmoud, an internationally acclaimed peace activist since the age of thirteen, when he founded Lens for Change and Young Reporters Across Borders (, is currently being unjustly detained by the Israeli police. Please sign this petition in support of his release!


Letter to
Israeli Police
We respectfully request the release of Mahmoud Jabari from prison in Hebron.

Mahmoud is a global peacemaker who uses journalism in spreading peace and mitigating conflict in his hometown through his organization, Lens for Change (, which he founded when he was only thirteen. He is known by his peers - both locally and within the international community - as kind and nonviolent individual dedicated to forging peace at home and beyond. Indeed, he has been recognized internationally for his deep commitment, through initiatives the We Are Family Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leader program, the British Council for Global Changemakers, Schools Across Borders, the Peace It Together Camp, and the World Economic Forum.

Mahmoud was arrested on February 25th while documenting a protest in Hebron by the Israeli police and he continues to be unjustly detained. We ask that, in the name of promoting respect and peace, that you release Mahmoud from prison.

Peace is possible. We are family.