Bann Barrister Babu serial

Bann Barrister Babu serial

5 September 2020
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Started by Nirja Rai

About 3 years ago we saw a same show as Barrister Babu, Pehredar piya ki, which was taken off air soon. Whys isn't the same being done to Barrister Babu. Now again we are in the same mess, although barrister babu which airs on colors tv started with a completely different theme it has now been turned into something else. The show has gone off track. firstly I would like to point out that the show wrongly depicts the Indian era back then. Tell me which woman at that time was allowed to stay so late at her boyfriend's house was allowed so much of freedom like they depict saudamini. I think this is a disrespect for all the Indian reformers who had fought for so long to give Indian women freedom and the respect they deserve.

They have shown Anirudh as a hero while he is not! he married a girl child! Like seriously was their no better way to save bondita rather than marrying her? And if he married her to take er responsibility then why does he have second thoughts about it? This show does not only promote child marriage but also polygamy! the reason being at the start of the show it was shown that anirudh loved saudamini and even after marrying bondita he is not telling saudamini that they can never have a future together but instead just like an immature person he often tells that he loves her! This show promotes cheating, he went on for 12 years saying that he loved saudmini and now he says he does not, she was always his best friend? 

Is this what we want to teach our youth? That to play with a girl for 12 long years and then dump her just because you were too immature to think of another way to save someone's life! Also the way they show the bondita and Anirudh people have started making love videos on bondita and Anirudh! Seriously like that is so sick! they demand on various youtube videos to show the chemistry between them! I want to ask all of them that would they be okay if their child did something like this came home on the day and say he is in love? Children at such a tender age when they don't even understand the meaning of relationships, people are demanding chemistry between such a pair! I hope everyone can see the negative effect it has on society.

It also tarnishes the image of a woman they first showed saudamini as loving Anirudh dedicatedly for so many years and now they have turned her into a vampire sort of person. People have started using filthy words. Also even after sacrificing so many years of her life, nobody cares for her. let me ask you girls do really want a life like saudmini ?? to girls fathers do you want a boy like Anirudh for your daughter !! Then why do we let this show continue on with such useless drama, showing sautan theme, nothing is being done of bonditas study they said there will be nothing like wife and husband between bondita and Anirudh but we can already see Anirudh swaying! There is also sampoorna and Saurabh, they show them as a pair with love so it implies to society that child marriage is good! Even they have started showing Saudamini's father as evil!

This show has completely gone off track, they also haven't respected India like it was then! nothing of freedom struggle just plain filmy drama, even the director of the show posts things like without hatred (probably saudamini's hatred) how will there be love (between Bonita and Anirudh). All this show does to show mistakes to society but does nothing to teach them a lesson about why we shouldn't! Which does nothing but provokes the youth. The production won't change the theme it is quite clear after so many requests! Kindly take the show off air !! or keep spoiling and planting the wrong ideas of India, love, responsibility, and maturity in youth!

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Signatures: 42Next Goal: 50
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