To Honourable President of India.We want Neet scores for TN MBBS admission. Kindly save us

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My daughter's plea to the Honourable President of India.

Humbly submitted to the honourable President of India.
I write this letter as a citizen of India and as a very concerned and sincere student.

I am a heart-broken 18 year old girl from Chennai,Tamilnadu. I completed my plus two board exam on March 2016. Iam a state board student of Tamilnadu

Iam a medical aspirant. Since there was a controversy in the selection procedure between NEET and plus two state board marks I missed out to get a government medical seat in Tamilnadu last year 2016.

We do understand that conducting a common entrance examination is in the best interest to hand pick the most deserving and talented of the lot. Keeping that in mind I sacrificed one year,made up a point to score good marks in NEET exam compared to last year,I appeared in NEET 2017 and got a decent score of 91 percentile.

Inspite of all this I really fear reading the newspapers and watching the news from television. There are a lot of hindrances coming up for which I fear it would shatter my 14 years dream of becoming a doctor.

It is really confusing whether NEET marks or plus two board exam marks would be taken into consideration for getting a medical seat.

To my knowledge there are thousands of aspirants who sacrificed one year like me are battling up to get a seat.

I could only pour my thoughts into this petition and hope that it finds the voice it deserves. I can only wait for justice to open up our lives. I do hope and humbly ask you to look into this matter through the eyes of thousand students like me whose dreams should come true. I sincerely ask you for a positive solution of declaring NEET scores to be taken into consideration for Tamilnadu medical selection.

I repeat even I am a state board student from Tamilnadu. Awaiting your reply at the earliest.

Thanking you,
Shreya Chowdary.B
Sacred Heart,Church Park