Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents who have their parents overseas

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Petition Reason

The Social Security (Assurance of Support) Determination 2018 (F2018L00425) made on 26 March 2018 amended the financial criteria to be met for people giving assurances of support for 143 visa. Under the new legislation, a single Australian citizen or Permanent Resident who wishes to be the assurer for his or her overseas parents must have an annual income of at least $86,606.52. Nevertheless, people who have a spouse or children will face even higher income threshold. Such change undermines the intrinsic value of family relationships and the principle of equity. Moreover, grandparents can provide childcare allowing sponsors to go from being one-income to two-income households, which takes pressure off the welfare system. This policy opens Australia’s migration law up to the charge of being directed more towards the rich and unflavored the underprivileged.

Furthermore, people who have lodged their applications for 143 visa before 1 April 2018 are in confusion since there is no transitional policy imposed.

I ask the house to restore to the previous annual income standard.