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Wastage of Public Money by Political Parties by Advertisements in Media

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The Most Respected and Hon'ble Chief Justice of India and other companion Judges,

With all due respect Sir, 

Here I and on behalf of other responsible citizens of India, am observing and noticed the present trend which is adopted by the political parties in these days that every party who are in power are expanding the huge amount (which was /is collected from public in the form of various taxes) on advertisement in printing media and electronics media and just trying to advertise the work to attract the attention of public that what they have done or what they are going to be done.


Now more specifically:

A) Selective representative of the political parties take charge of government to running the various office / department and make policies etc on behalf of general public.

B) The prime duties of said representatives, use to run the office / departments in the interest of general public only.

C) There is no other option except the collect the money in the from of various taxes to run the office / department and other welfare schemes.

D) Now it is noticed that most of office bearer from AAM ADMI PARTY and other political parties, who are in in-charge of various department of under Government of NCT of Delhi, are issuing uncounted numbers public advertisement in the media (printing as well as electronic media) for the work what they have done in last two year and what they are planning to do on the cost of public money.

E) We have selected to these person for deliveries of public work and not to waste the hard earned money of the general public collected in the form of various taxes in the shape of unwanted advertisement etc.

F) It is the prime duty of so called officers / representatives to do work as the previous governments of Delhi has done in past without wasting of public money on the public advertisement and evenafter the office bearer want to do, they may do on their owen private funds no body will stop but they using public money for thier personl gain which should ne stopped.

Hereby I am requesting to the Hon'ble Authority to take necessary action against the culprit and some strict guidelines may be passed to avoid wastage of public money only of advertisement while lot of work to be done like public toilets etc

Hope and trust Hon'ble Authorities shall take necessary action in the interest of general public.


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