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We, the people of the United States, respectfully request that representatives of your governments refuse to meet with Donald Trump. 

Last year, some very angry Americans scared the rest of us by amalgamating their dispersed drops of hot liquid metal fear into an inhumane advanced prototype of Fascism.

To fight the erosion of their erstwhile entitlements (i.e., privileges of class, ethnicity, gender, nationality, race, sexual identity, and other bias-based boons) these goons formed a political bloc with a single doctrine of Seussian simplicity: “Before was better.”

Lashing out against those who had shucked their awe of straight, white, males, this clamoring clan of cliches launched a suicide attack on our system of government by putting forward a presidential candidate they knew to be emotionally, ethically, intellectually, morally, politically, psychologically, and socially unfit for unsupervised visits to the White House, much less a job there.

Unfortunately, due to what we can only surmise was a wormhole in space-time, Donald Trump was given the title of “President” despite having won fewer votes than his opponent.

Democracy moves slowly, so it will take us some time to undo this mistake (and his vice-president).  Meanwhile, please, please, PLEASE do not talk with this clown.  Donald Trump is not a “real” U.S. President.  He does not lead us.  He does not represent us.  Instead of sitting in meetings, he should be lying on a couch getting the intensive, long-term, professional mental healthcare he so obviously needs.  And can afford.  Unlike so many others.

The people of the United States want to be valuable members of the world community.  We want happy, healthy, and honorable relationships with every other country.  Please don’t judge us at our worst but give us a chance to do better.

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