A call to action: mega-risks we face and the solutions we need.

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We the undersigned call on the governments, institutions, corporations and people of our Planet to develop a clear plan and a pathway for Human Survival.

We recognise that humanity faces the greatest emergency of our existence – a crisis far deeper and more complex than many yet recognise.

The emergency comprises catastrophic risks, including: resource scarcity, ecological collapse and extinction, global overheating, food insecurity, weapons of mass destruction, global poisoning, pandemic disease, population overgrowth, uncontrolled new technologies and widespread apathy and delusion.

Many voices have raised concern about these threats – and we add ours to them.

These risks are all interlinked. None of them can be solved in isolation. However, they can be overcome – with universal cooperation, goodwill and determination. 

No government yet has a plan for dealing with this systemic cycle of risk that endangers our civilization, our children’s future and our Planet as an ecosystem and home for all species. 

We here call on them to develop one, urgently.

We also urge worldwide discourse, planning and action now, to address all of these risks, together, in ways that make none of them worse. 

We call for a fairer, safer, healthier and more sustainable future for all people on our Planet.