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Respect the Values that Ron Paul's Candidacy Stands For

By signing this petition, you indicate your support for the values behind Ron Paul's candidacy. If you are an American citizen eligible to vote, signing this petition means that you pledge to vote for Ron Paul on Americans Elect (link provided below), either before or after February 28. Our goal is to have a 'people bomb' (like the Paul campaign's 'money bombs' except with petitioners and votes instead of money) to coincide with the Michigan primary.

Americans Elect link:

Your vote is extremely important. The goal is to send a message to the Establishment that cannot be ignored: 5 million registered American voters supporting Ron Paul. Americans Elect does not discriminate on the basis of party affiliation, so Democrats and Independents (as well as members of all other political organizations) can vote!

This election is too important to allow the strongest voices for liberty and peace to be ignored. Please show your support!

Pledges in this petition: If you are an American citizen eligible to vote, in signing this petition, you have pledged to vote for Ron Paul on Americans Elect as a demonstration of your commitment to reform. If you are not an American citizen, or if you are an American citizen who is ineligible to vote, in signing this petition, you have pledged to voice your support for liberty and peace. 

Regarding a possible third-party run: While voting for Ron Paul on Americans Elect does enable him to make a third-party run, it does not obligate him to do so. Ideally, Ron Paul will win the Republican nomination for President. The votes on Americans Elect are primarily intended to be a show of strength on the part of Paul's supporters that will influence the political environment regardless of Paul's decision to run third-party or not. 

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." - Mahatma Gandhi 



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