My child, Pranamya was born on december 7th 2011, and my wife whom I seperated from, abducted my child to India, as India is not a part of hague convention, although my child is US citizen I could not able to bring her back. I am doing all my efforts but everything going in vain, please help me to put a petition to department of state so that they help me to get my child back. Please help my child to return to a land where she rightfully belongs.

  The honorable judge of beaumont, TX, made my future ex BHARANI MYANA, signed a document saying she will not leave U.S. ( unfortunately THE JUDGE can not impount her passport being of INDIA) but anyway, she fled U.S.A, in fear of arrest for not following the court orders. 

Sincerely and Thankfully


Letter to
Attorney General of Texas, District attorney of Beaumont
To return my child Pranamya Puli to her birth country U.S.A

My child Pranamya Puli, who is born December 7th 2011, in Beaumont TX, and child is currently with my in laws in Hyderabad, India. My wife and I had marital problems, her blackmailing and my wife's career ambition, where she did not want to take care of 3 month old, I had been forced to agree for her condition to leave the infant daughter about 3 months old at her parents place in hyderabad, State of Andhra pradesh, India. I won custody of the child in family court in Beaumont, TX and the Judge in U.S ordered my wife and her parents to give the baby to my parents, but my parents were not given the child and atleast they were not allowed to see my child and they made a complaint to police in Hyderabad and they said the court orders are not valid because India because India is not a part of Hague convention . Hague convention means that an order passed in Foreign court ( the jurisdiction where the child is born or child's birth country) should be legally allowed in other country where the child ia currently residing. Since India, which brags as a second biggest democratic nation on this planet after U.S.A, is still following third world country laws and regulations and became a safe haven for child abduction by parents and kidnappers alike. Even though I won custody and it is becoming extremely difficult for me to implement the orders of U.S. family court judge, Beaumont TX. in India due to its corrupt law and order system law which is really unfortunate.
Please help me to get my child back please I will send all the judgment copies who ever requested please
Your's Sincerely and Thank fully
Surendra Puli

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