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Petitioning Kathryn Morrissey, Executive Director. The College Baseball World Series and 3 others

To The College Baseball World Series in Omaha Nebraska: Allow families >4 in size to buy tickets together to the College World Series.

The ticket purchase quantity rule put in place for the College Baseball World Series in Omaha is anti-family.

In order to discourage ticket hoarding and scalping, the College Baseball World Series has enacted a maximum ticket purchase of four tickets seated together. This June, our family of 5, including three boys ages 16, 13 and 10, will be traveling 1,200 miles for my 50th birthday to attend our first College World Series (CWS) games. We're excited to see both Omaha and the CWS.

Even though we bought our tickets right when they went onsale, this rule forced us to buy tickets in different sections (3 in one section and 2 in another).  Across the four midweek CWS games that we'll be attending, we aren't ever able to sit together as a family, and for a few of them we've been forced by this rule to sit across the stadium from each other!

I contacted the CWS staff to voice my concern with the rule, before tickets went on sale and after. The Head of Ticketing said that there was nothing she could do to allow families greater than four in number to sit together. She was also unwilling to exchange our seats for ones together.

I ask your support in requesting that the College Baseball World Series in Omaha allow ticket purchases in quantities greater than four seats together. Kathryn Morrissey is the Executive Director of the CWS, and Carol Foreman is the Ticket Manager.  If they make this change quickly, families greater than four in number would be able to sit together, as they should be, at future College World Series games.

Baseball is a family sport, and this current College Baseball World Series ticket rule is anti-family!

We appreciate your support.    Thanks.

Letter to
Kathryn Morrissey, Executive Director. The College Baseball World Series
Carol Foreman, Ticket Manager. The College Baseball World Series
Dan Morrissey, Director of Marketing. The College Baseball World Series
and 1 other
Mark Emmert, President The National Collegiate Athletic Association
I've just signed the petition asking that you please change your rules to allow families >4 in size to buy tickets together to the College Baseball World Series.

College baseball and The College World Series are family activities and larger families should be allowed to buy tickets to sit together!