Delay the closure of Greathouse Cheshire Home, Wiltshire

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My name is Antony and I am one of 21 severely physically disabled residents living at Greathouse Cheshire Home in Wiltshire. The home caters for adults of all ages suffering with a wide range of disabling conditions and diseases including many with complex needs. It is one of the original Cheshire homes run by the Leonard Cheshire charity which is famous for the work it has done over the past 70 years to support and promote the disabled both here in the UK and over 50 other countries. So you can imagine the shock, fear, disgust and anger experienced when, on May 2nd, the charity suddenly announced to the residents, their relatives, dedicated staff and volunteers of Greathouse that they were closing the home on July 30th!

I have been a resident here for 14½ years and there has been speculation about the home being closed in the past. However, I had always envisaged that if Leonard Cheshire ever did decide to close the home that they would offer us an alternative home and / or two years notice. In fact they have only given us 89 days notice! For most of the residents it took them months and, for some, years to find the suitable specialist accommodation they need. With a lack of homes for the disabled and the ever deepening care crisis this problem is only getting worse. Please sign this petition and demand that Leonard Cheshire delay the closure of Greathouse Cheshire Home until 31st October 2018 or later. We believe that this extra time is essential for the residents to plan and find new homes which are both suitable for their needs and convenient for their families and friends. This is the very least the charity can do to uphold its stated mission ‘to improve life choices of people with disability’ and to honour the name of Leonard Cheshire, its visionary founder.

Please join our plea for humanity and prevent Leonard Cheshire from turning the residents of Greathouse into disabled nomads. We need lots of names and we need them fast. Many thanks in anticipation from everyone at Greathouse.