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We, the students of  RCC INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY , Kolkata, West Bengal  are notified to be suspended till further notice from 22.06.2018 in view of the recent untoward incidences within the college premises. The management took the decision without actually verifying and investigating the whole incident, before taking the decision from an unbiased point of view. They didn’t even summon the accused students to listen to their point of view before taking the decision.

The accused students are:

1)       Jay sankha Ghosh(AEIE Dept)

2)      Arnab Mondal(CSE Dept)

3)      Avish Karmakar(AEIE Dept)

4)      Subhasish Roy(AEIE Dept)

5)      Deepranjan Guha(ECE Dept)

6)      Subhojit Bhowmick(IT Dept)

7)      Sourav Naskar(IT Dept)

8)      Tanay Hazra(IT Dept)

9)       Soumya Dhali(AEIE dept)

One of our fellow batchmates, Jay sankha Ghosh, from AEIE department punched Soumadeb Dutta(from ECE department), the victim, for once and that too outside of the college premises in heat of the moment while having a conversation, regarding farewell where the two of them had a clash of ideas and expectations from the management, and he was separated from him as the circumstances were getting worse. Subhasish Roy, Avish Karmakar,Arnab Mondal were trying to protect Soumadeb from getting assaulted again by forcing him to move towards the committee room. But some of the ECE dept. faculties namely Mr. Nandan Bhattacharyya and Mr.Srijibendu Bagchi and students saw us and it has been portrayed as if they were going to beat him inside the committee room which actually never happened. Deepranjan Guha,Subhojit Bhowmick and some other batchmates were actually talking to him when some of the college officials came to the room as they were misinformed of  beating the victim. Dr. Soham Sarkar, one of the faculty members of ECE dept, suddenly appeared in the situation and recorded all the names who were present in the scenario and stated that it was just for information purpose. Later the names were found to be on the notice board with a notice of suspension for indefinite interval of time. We heard and verified that he took Soumadeb to NRS hospital for medical check up and we were told about his internal bleeding and he also got traumatized after the incident as per their perspective but actually the injury was minor and in reality nobody assaulted him inside the committee room.

 Some of the students of ECE dept. namely Sampurna Chatterjee, Nishant Kumar,  Souvik Mondal, Dayita Guha, Sandeep Bal, Kaushal Sah provoked and influenced their other batchmates to sign a mass petition on website of world wide acceptance) to explain their version of exaggerated stories stating that we are charged of “attempt to murder” where as the accused students actually went to Soumadeb’s family to apologize for the unfortunate incident, after the day itself. They even lodged a written petition against the accused students connecting to some previous matter which is not at all linked with the same. Nishant started this so called petition with unrealistic version of truth deviating from the real situation. Even Sampurna forced the juniors to sign the petition and threatened them not to support us anyway, else their names will be reported to the management for serious action and she said that their names will be taken as accomplice. Souvik Mondal has given life  threatening to one of the accused students, Deepranjan Guha. Even two of the pass-out students of batch 2014-18, Awsaf Ambar and Sayani Dutta were the elected president and fellow member of the Rotaract club respectively. They are misusing the power of Rotaract club and their post to interfere into the college matter provoking students who are connected to rotaract club, not to support us and they are deliberately doing this to satisfy their personal grudges against us.

The HOD of ECE dept, Dr.Abhishek Basu took the matter personally as Soumadeb is a student of ECE dept. He also took the matter to the next level by posting on social media and personally texting the students for signing the petition.

Management itself  signed the petition and the Principal, Dr.Siddharth Bhattacharyya who is called to be our Acting Principal as well as Acting HOD of CSE Dept(at the same time) himself commented on the website to support the petition and shared the same in his facebook profile creating a mass to isolate us from the college and maybe the society. He has personal grudges against the accused students and he has also threatened Soumya Dhali to destroy his career. Even he threatened to lodge a complaint in AICTE against all of us and destroy our whole career. Mrs. Sukla Banerjee, the faculty of CSE Dept, lodged a complaint against the principal by accusing him of the charge of sexual harassment, a few days ago. One of the faculty members, Dr. Anirban Mukherjee provoked and manipulated us to even lodge a complaint against Mrs. Sukla Banerjee.

The Placement scenarios of our college is also degrading day by day after the change of our Ex-Principal, Dr.Arup Kumar Bhaumik, against whom it was conspired. The placement scenarios for the batch of 2013-2017 was way better than the present scenario. The Management doesn’t really give an effort for the placement of the students. In the month of  May, we were told that the new TPE(Training and Placement Executive) would be appointed within the month of June but till now we don’t have any such appointed executive for the placement of the batch 2015-2019. They didn’t give any information about the list of companies that are coming this year for Campussing.

We used to follow up these placement scenarios quite well and nevertheless we stood forward against the degrading scenarios of placement and probably that’s why we were marked by our principal and we were portrayed infront of our fellow batchmates as if we’re totally against the placement of our own batch in the light of this unfortunate incident regarding our fellow batchmate, Soumadeb Dutta. They are accusing all of us for the unfortunate incident by treating us all like criminals whereas most of us were not at all involved except their presence. We’re so cornered in the institute itself and the threatenings of isolating us in the society is still there. Some of us are getting life threatenings too. We don’t know where else to go for justice.