Decision Maker Response

John Schettino’s response

John Schettino
President, Northern Valley Board of Education

Jul 25, 2013 — THANK YOU! Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the Board's efforts on behalf of the children of NV. Having attended Board meetings regularly for the past 2 ½ years I know that RDT has been a topic for discussion for at least that long; when it was brought up in January while you were doing your review of goals set in September, I was pleased that some policy would finally be set. There is nothing swift about implementation either since you are waiting until 2014. That’s too bad, but I understand there is a process to everything. I also appreciate your continued commitment to education on these issues – you have repeatedly stated that RDT is not the only solution and have just recently reemphasized the need for comprehensive educational programs for all grades. I am grateful that you are continuing to do research and that any decision or policy made by this board is not based on opinion or fear but on clear indications from the current data generated from districts that have actually implemented this – data that confirms that the benefits of RDT. Unfortunately this petition is misleading at best and the people signing it (from outside the Valley no less!) are obviously not aware of all the facts.
I strongly support your efforts and I am saddened to see so many NV parents fighting so hard to prevent this from happening. Utterly perplexing...