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Postpone payment deadlines and create flexible payment options.

A significant percentage of Antioch College students have been given one business day to pay more than 1,000 dollars. Under the laissez-faire financial style of the last two fiscal years, student fees were allowed to accumulate (in many cases without the knowledge of students or their families). Individuals were told simply not to worry about it, but now they've been asked to pay up.

Although an appeals process was instituted, many were not informed of its existence, and those who applied were met with inconsistent and baffling results. If action is not taken, student attrition will be the consequence.

At an institution that touts its fairness toward low income students, administrators need to consider the discriminatory impact of this policy. In its place we must craft flexible and transparent options to, in the words of our president, "keep costs down and offer as much aid to students in need as our fundraising can support."

Opposition to this discriminatory policy is the responsibility of every member of the Antioch College community. Although many students are fortunate enough to be unaffected financially, the impact of loss will be felt by all.

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  • To the Antioch College Department of Finance and the Senior Leadership Team

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