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Stand tall with Rand Paul

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March 8, 2013
There are pivotal, game-changing moments in American history - the
1961 Inaugural Address of President John F. Kennedy; the 1976 debate
between Ford and Carter, and the 2004 speech at the Democratic
National Convention by Barack Obama; which catapulted President
Obama to the White House.
The filibuster of March 6-7 2013 by the Honorable Senator Rand Paul
(Republican maverick from Kentucky) was precisely such a watershed
moment in American politics. Senator Paul - the son of esteemed
longtime Presidential candidate Ron Paul - said SOMETHING,
in contrast to the previous twelve months during which the
Republican Party, during the course of a Presidential campaign,
said NOTHING that was "on message"; bickered publicly; tore
itself apart by orchestrated ploys to defeat the only candidate
worthy of nomination; and studiously avoided the same issues
which the Democratic party favorites have also been avoiding.
The only FOCUS GROUP our Federal government should be
paying attention to is the CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION
of 1787, and the only TALKING POINTS any
Presidential candidate or public official in the United States
should ever try to be "on message" about,
are the Bill of Rights and the rest of the Constitution.
And the only lobbyists and special interests they should
be attending to as their first priority are those citizens
who INVOKE THE CONSTITUTION clearly, justifiably
and in a way which would necessarily raise questions
of breach of the Oath of Office if ANY official - or their
staffers - were to give such a matter the usual
inside-the-Beltway brush-off.
The Honorable US Senator Rand Paul, of Kentucky,
has sent these business-as-usual "policy managers"
and the political leaders under their thumb THIS clear message:
They have been weighed in the balances and found wanting,
and their days in the halls of power are numbered.
The occasion for Rand Paul's speech was the question of
the nomination of one Presidential appointee. On that specific
question, the President won his point. Metaphorically, it could
be said that on a purely surface level on that single point, Rand
Paul was trying to chop down one tree in the bureaucratic
forest, and the President saved the tree. But in the process
of "taking his stand" as he did, Rand Paul now owns the
entire forest. The American people, across the ideological
spectrum, and across every other conceivable division of
our complex society, not only agree with Rand Paul - they
practically revere him as a leader to the point where Senator
Paul has catalyzed a new, fierce loyalty; to a nearly undivided degree
displayed by the American people only toward such leaders as
Washington, Andrew Jackson, Lincoln, and General Douglas
This slogan, "Stand Tall for Rand Paul", may obscure a much
more important point: In taking his stand for the Constitution
in the way he did and with the keen political timing he showed,
Rand Paul has stood up for we, the people of the United States.
Whether Rand Paul is elected President in 2016 or not - and
right now, he is the ONLY serious contender - may not be
as important as this:
In an age wherein our security-obsessed and apparatchik-dominated
Government treats the average citizen as though we are an enemy,
and "handles" our petitions and communications with Congress,
the White House, and federal agencies as though we are unwelcome
and bothersome intruders against Government (and YES THEY DO
TREAT US THAT WAY, it is repeatedly obvious), I call upon my
fellow Americans to SEND THEM A MESSAGE:
When we invoke the Constitution of the United States, THAT
is all the SPECIAL INFLUENCE WE NEED in Washington
or in ANY COURTHOUSE IN THE LAND to see to it that
the right thing gets done, and we should be able to rely on any
Government employee, elected official or judge to do it.

Scott Davis
PO Box 877
Edgmont, PA 19028-0877

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