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We demand that Taylor and Francis rescind their decision to terminate Richard Lorch's role as editor of Building Research & Information (BRI). He must be allowed to continue. The publisher's decision is not in the best interests of the journal or the community served by the journal.


The recent decision by Taylor and Francis (T&F) to terminate Richard Lorch's role as editor-in-chief of this leading research journal is a mistake. Building Research & Information is thriving under Lorch's vision, direction and efforts. The high quality of content and mentoring under this editor must continue.

The only apparent criterion given by T&F for this decision was that an editor should have a limited period of office. The use of time as a determinant is arbitrary.

T&F is unable to offer substantive evidence-based reasons for their decision.

No consultation was undertaken by T&F with the editorial board, readers or authors.

T&F have dismissed the damage this decision causes to our community.

T&F have ignored the many people (associate editors, editorial board members, readers and authors) who have strenuously disagreed with this decision.

A mass resignation of the Associate Editors and members of the Editorial Board has occurred over T&F's decision and poor response to further representations and evidence that was offered to them.

This dismissal of an excellent editor: "betrays a failure at Taylor & Francis to understand how successful academic journals work: how they are built up by their editors by patient work over many years, by the editors having rich and widely spread networks of contacts, by their being in touch with all the latest developments in the field, and being able to spot future trends. Above all, good editors can harness the good will and hard work - all without financial gain - of all the contributors on whom journals depend. Good editors of this kind are rare and not easily replaced." - Professor Philip Steadman, University College London

Further information can be read in the open letter from members of the Editorial Board and Associate Editors to Taylor and Francis here:

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