i want to stop the drug war in pilipinas

i want to stop the drug war in pilipinas

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Gabriel delacruz started this petition to To stop using durg in pilipinas otheirs preson and

To stop using drug otheir person to stop adusing drug is very is a  serious problem with far-reaching consequences. Abuse of a drug is any misuse, including using a drug to cope with negative emotions or to self-medicate for a mental illness, using an illicit or prescription drug to get high, or using a prescription drug in a way other than how it was intended. There are some characteristic behavioral and physical signs of drug abuse as well as signs that are specific to abuse of different classes of drugs.

1.Drug abus

Drugs can lead to addiction, which is difficult to treatis is  important to recognize signs of abuse so that the person abusing drugs can get help sooner. Professional treatment is not just for addiction. Anyone abusing drugs can benefit from dedicated treatment to change behaviors and to avoid becoming addicted and all of the repercussions that come with addiction.

2.Problems in relationships

. Drug abuse can cause a lot of conflict in families and couples, leading to fights and break-ups. Relationships at work and with friends may also suffer.

3.Legal and financial problems

A drug habit can be expensive, and it is also illegal. Abusing drugs can lead to overspending, getting into debt, maxing out credit cards, borrowing too much, and also to trouble with the law.

4.Decrease in performance

.The altered state that drugs create can lead to a drop in performance at work or at school, even in someone who normally excels.

5.Neglect of responsibilities.

Someone who is abusing drugs is often more focused on the drugs than on other responsibilities to family and at home.

6.Social withdrawal.

Drug abuse often leads a person to hide his or her activities from family and friends, which can ultimately lead to withdrawal and little social contact.

7.Lack of motivation and changes in thinking.

While abusing drugs a person may become apathetic and uninterested in accomplishing much of anything. They may also struggle to remember things, make decisions, or think normally.

8.Risky behaviors.

Drug abuse can lead a person to do things he or she normally wouldn’t—things that are risky or dangerous, like stealing, driving under the influence, or having unprotected sex.

9.Unusual mood changes.

A drug can have many effects on the body and mind and can cause serious changes in mood. A person on drugs may be unusually depressed or anxious or may be more energetic and euphoric than usual for no obvious reason.

10. Marijuana.

Use of marijuana causes red eyes, a glassy, blank stare, giddiness and inappropriate laughter, talking too loud, apathy and lack of motivation or interest in activities, and changes in weight.

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