Request to consider issues of 2nd batch empallened candidates in cen01/2018 swr

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Panel 2 – empanelled candidates in CEN- 01/2018, South Western Railway.
Principal Chief Personal Officer South Western railway.
Sub: request to take note and consider our issues for joining/training of RRB ALP/TECH– CEN 01/2018- regards.
With all due respect we are very happy to be the part of the family of south west railway as ALP and enthusiastic to serve Indian railways. We the ALP candidates of part panel dated 28/11/2019. We have been called Sr.DPO Bangalore and Sr. DPO Mysore email dated 10-01-2020to report the office in the month of Jan/Feb 2020 and we have accepted the letter of appointment as we are facing some problem. Please consider our issues.
1. Most of the empanelled ALP candidates of Panel-2 dated 22/11/19 are meritorious than empanelled candidates of part panel 1 dated 22/7/19 as mentioned in RRB CEN 01/2018 and railway servants (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 1968, The selection process is based on merit. By the time 2nd batch of of part panel 1 dated 22/7/19 joined training we are also empanelled in part panel-2, but without considering merit as a factor 2nd batch candidates are called for training which is causing great injustice to meritorious candidates in the recruitment CEN 01/2018.
2. As we have to accept the offer of the appointment most of us are suggested to resign their previous jobs and they assured that training will commence shortly i.e. April/May 2020. So most of us resigned the jobs and lost our source of income and now in financial crisis (especially in pandemic time) and till now we did not get any information regarding training/joining.
3. In reference to ministry of Home Affairs order no 40-03/2020-DM-1(A) dt 29/06/20. DOPT has given SOP for opening of training centres in No.1 training can be done online – in this regard as many railway zone already going on.
i) In Bhavangar Division, Western Railway- O.O.No.EM/72/2020 dated 29/06/2020.
ii) In Gorakhpur division, North Eastern railway- O.O.No.M/210/0/6/MSTC dated 27/7/2020.
iii) Ahmedabad division, western railway – O.O.No.EM/890/1/2/Running/88/2020. Dated 29-06-
iv) Mail received by candidates of Vadodara division dated 20-07-2020.
As other railway Zones have already started online initial training please do consider us for online training.
The above all issues are making us to feel insecure and we are now regretting for choosing Technician as 1st preference than ALP in RRB CEN 01/2018 application in which it is nowhere mentioned that order of job preference will be considered for joining. It is clearly mentioned that complete recruitment is done on merit based. Unlike other zones like NER etc., SWR has not considered merit for joining of ALPs which saddened us and causing us injustice.
Kindly consider all the issues and tale the necessary action either by calling us for training or starting online training with immediate action.
Thanking you.
Yours faithfully,
Panel 2 – empanelled candidates in CEN- 01/2018, South Western Railway