Palo Alto Skatepark

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Please email if you would be willing to provide more support in the future. Palo Alto only has one skate park. It is a large bowl that is great for skating, however given the size of some parts can possibly discourage less experienced skaters from attempting to use it. We have met with city council member Greg Tanaka, and have gotten the advice to create a petition and submit it to the parks and recreation comity, in order to create a new skatepark with a good mix of street and transition features. The park we are trying to create will include a mix of different features, with different levels of difficulty to support all skill levels. One possibility is adding on to the Greer skatepark, given that there is a great bowl already in place, another would be to create a new park entirely. The decision would likely be made by the city. If the project is approved, it would likely be funded through community fundraising and grants from private companies. If you skateboard, scooter, BMX bike, or any other activity that could benefit from a skatepark, please sign the petition. If you would be willing to support it more in the future (joining city zoom meetings to show your support) please email me at letting me know you can support it

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