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For an Exceptional and Urgent Global Research Project. TO ACT WHILE THERE IS STILL TIME

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Climate, biosphere, oceans …, the Earth system enters an unknown era. The living conditions of all humans and other animals are threatened. In the long run, the very survival of the human species is at stake. These issues are global. They require appropriation by all and engagement of all nations, peoples and sectors of activity.

The signatories are calling for a project to be financed at the level of 2% of the global GDP, i.e. 1200 billion euros annually.

A major contribution of research – including humanities and social sciences – is essential to achieve a transition.

The United Nations must set up an agency, with financial means and the binding legal instruments, to be in charge of an international transition program, including international research projects of exceptional magnitude.

 It is urgent to step up to an exceptional level of financial investment, with national contributions in accordance with the principles of cooperation and solidarity – of the order of 1,200 billion euros, i.e. 2% of the world’s global GDP – in order to mobilize the scientific potential of all countries.

In the twenty-first century, the preservation of the earth system and of humankind’s common assets, sustainable well-being and fulfillment of all human beings, shall become the compass which will guide the scientific community, and beyond, the whole of the human community.

We address to scientists of all countries a call for personal and collective commitment to cooperate and contribute to these goals and in the development of a powerful international movement to that effect.

Promoted by the World Federation of Scientific Workers (WFSW).