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To save Tax Dollars .

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I will start with Administration , the Superintendents I understand thay get a four year contract , and thay get payed any where from 80 thousand dollars up , rember our TAX MONEY .thay always get through the first four years with no problem , and get a new four year contract , and I have seen this time after time. but it never fails with in the first year or hafe way through the 2nd year thay manage to get fired , well guess what our TAX DOLLARS are still paying them the rest of the four years thay have left . thay should be on a year to year contract to save our TAX MONEY , no more four year contracts . so what do thay do thay move on to a new school district and start the whole process over , so thay are takeing our TAX DOLLARS from two different school districts so then us the TAX PAYERS. are haveing our TAX MONEY stolen from us ,and this gos on all time across our country , and no one ever says any thing well lets stand up and stop the stealing of TAX PAYERS MONEY . by dishonest schools , ever one of us has a Bell California in their own back yard and don't know it . America check your local school district and you will find this is true . how many of you get payed for a year if you get fired from a job . I will take it no one . well thay should't eather . we need a local over sight group of ever day people to stop this .

School Boards . why do thay get their Medacal Insurance payed for the rest of their life for them and their family , with all the problems we have covering our medical , quit your job or get fired and see how long you get to keep your medical , it stops that day you dont get it for the rest of your life, and theirs should end at the end of their term , just like mine and yours . thay are ripping off our TAX DOLLARS that could be put to better use , schools have been gameing the system for years , thay never try to save money thay try to spend ever dollar so thay can ask for more the next year . well this should stop if thay spend ever dollar then thay don't know how to budget very well , and thay need to hire a new budget director that can do the job , how can you lose money year after year and keep your job . I could do that and I don't know any thing about budgeting , but I could lose TAX PAYER MONEY . and ask for even more money the next year . I don't need a college degree for that . how about you ?. I am just tired of the wast of TAX MONEY in the public school systems of America . the people that clean the school have a better undersanding than the people in charge .
Befour you write any thing in responce take a look at your local school districts , a close look and you will relly see what is going on . there is Billions of TAX DOLLARS being wasted , if you don't like your money then all of the above will be ok with you .Rember its your TAX MONEY .

Thay go to Las Vegas for a one hour meeting are a siminar , and drive school transportation and use a school credit card , thay charge their food , room , and almost ever thing else to that card , and guess what the TAX PAYERS MONEY is paying for this , and there are many other thing in our public schools being ripped off in the same way , but YOU THE PUBLIC will never hear about it , Food Service is a nother good example but I won't go in to that, it will make you wont to keep a close watch on your local school districts . thay are full of crooks and cheets .

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