Keep Miracle Arena For All Nations at 10800 Weston Road

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To respected elected officials, Ministers, MPPs, and citizens of the great province of Ontario: 

Ever since The Confederation of Canada, the church has played a vital role within Canadian communities. The church has been revered as a source of healing by providing a means towards mental and spiritual health, and ultimately physical well-being. For its essential role within the landscape of our great nation, the church has always been considered in various aspects of Canadian living – from the constitutional protection of our religious rights to the adequate allocation for church structures within city zoning by-laws.  

Under this guise, Miracle Arena For All Nations recently acquired property within the municipality of Vaughan. The structure at 10800 Weston Road is located within an agricultural zone that has also been zoned for a church among other uses, as conferred by The City of Vaughan’s official plan for 2020 and The Corporation of The City of Vaughan’s existing zoning by-law. 

According to the permitted uses of an “Agricultural” zone of the By-law, the only use that would be permitted to exist within the warehouse is a church. In compliance with this By-law, Miracle Arena has dutifully used the warehouse as a church, servicing the Vaughan community. Miracle Arena acquired this land at 10800 Weston Road with hopes of becoming a contributing member to the York Region with its plans to build a community centre, day nursery, and school – all of which are permitted uses for this land. 

In spite of Miracle Arena’s legal right to operate as a church at this location, The City of Vaughan has recently threatened to shut Miracle Arena’s doors at 10800 Weston Road. Despite numerous discussions and agreements with The City of Vaughan that this property would be purposed for a church, The City of Vaughan is touting that the 2017 Greenbelt Plan is in direct conflict and overrides the city’s by-law (that would allow Miracle Arena to operate as a church at this property).

According to The Greenbelt Plan, “Although a Place of Worship is a permitted use under the ‘Agricultural’ zone of Zoning By-law 1-88, the Subject Lands are also designated Protected Countryside, Natural Heritage System and identified as a Prime Agricultural Area.” According to the City’s Plan for 10800 Weston Road, while the property is within the Greenbelt Plan, the official plan for this land is primarily agricultural with a small portion designated natural areas. The entire property is zoned Agricultural and is permitted for its current use as a church servicing the people of Vaughan and neighbouring communities. Based on the City’s Plan and zoning by-laws, Miracle Arena is legally authorized to continue to operate as a church on this land. 

Please stand with us by signing this petition. By signing this petition, you are joining us in our endeavour to hold fast to our rights as members of The City of Vaughan. You are standing for the church and ensuring that its rights are not abused, seized, or neglected.

By signing this petition, it is your declaration, that you hereby support the request of Prophet Dr. Kofi Danso and Miracle Arena For All Nations to permit the location of their new church at 10800 Weston Road, in the city of Vaughan.