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Repeal Apostolic Bull No E338/11 and EI 18/14

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Petition to repeal Apostolic Bull No E338/11 and EI 18/14

HH Ignatius ApremII

Partiarch of Antioch and All the East

Damascus, Syria


May it Please Your Holiness

1.We the undersigned members of the Knanaya Samudayam/Knanaya Archdiocese  all over the world having headquarters at Aprem Seminary, Chingavanam, Kerala, India, hereby humbly request your Holiness to repeal the Apostolic Bull Number E338/11  of 2011 by the late lamented Ignatius Zakka IwasI of blessed memory which is uncanonical, unconstitutional and against the ruling of the Supreme court of India  (1995) and very detrimental to the fundamental structure of the Knanaya Samudayam. Patriarchal Bull No E338 was put in abeyance unofficially by its author after HisHoliness  Zakka Iwas I realized the shortcomings in it and is evidenced by the fact that the Chief Metropolitan was never restricted by any of the conditions stipulated in the Apostolic Bull #338 but is now being re-activated by the Assistant bishops for personal gains through back door politics. This has been the major cause of conflicts between the people and the Assistant bishops and between Assistant bishops and the Chief Metropolitan. By repealing Apostolic Bull No 338, it will pave the way for a hierarchical order and a chain of command in the Knanaya Samudayam which was lost primarily due to this particular Apostolic Bull


II. Withdraw Apostolic Bull No EI 18/14 of 2014 suspending Rev.Fr. Joseph Kurian the newly ordained priest by the Chief Meropolitan of the Knanaya Archdiocese who has every right to ordain a Knanaya priest anywhere in the world

1.withthe Apostolic authority inherited when His Eminence became the Metropolitan of the Knanaya Samudayam the power of the Constitution of the Knanaya Samudayam,

3.and the authority given by the Canons of the Church as the first of the 4 elected bishops of the Knanaya Samudayam/Diocese recognizing the administrative and spiritual supremacy of the first consecrated as the Metropolitan of the Diocese. 

Anything short of “ repealing”  or “permanently” putting in abeyance these two Apostolic Bulls will only perpetuate  the existing litigations and fights in the Knanaya Samudayam and will become a constant irritant to the Holy Throne of Antioch and will further lead to more violence and litigations in our Samudayam both inside and outside of Kerala. This has been and will continue as a cause for erosion of membership in our church by many people leaving for other Pentecostal churches.

 People are losing faith in Antioch  and the respect for the Holy Patriarch ever since the Apostolic Bull No 338 was introduced and is exasperated by the latest Apostolic Bull No EI 18/14.

 To restore the reputation and respect for the Holy Throne of Antioch and to preserve the Knanaya Unity, Universality and its uniqueness we humbly pray to Your Holiness to respond favorably to our appeal.

 Beseeching your Blessings

  Your Spiritual Children

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