To reinstate the smoking ban in public premises in Sabah, Malaysia.

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Public premises are a place where people of all walks of life congregate, smokers and non-smokers alike.

The federal government’s decision to ban smoking and keep at least a 3-meter smoke-free zone from public premises tries to ensure satisfaction for both groups. Non-smokers can enjoy a smoke free environment, while the smokers can take their cigarette to a designated place.

The state lawmakers/policyholders, however opted to not implement this ban immediately due to unclear reasons which leaves the public baffled.

Lets face it - smoking is not a good thing. It wastes our hard earned cash, strains the economy indirectly, puts peoples health and lives at risk, may contribute towards environmental deterioration. And it is also notoriously difficult to stop. But that is why we try to control this issue slowly by just taking baby steps. A 3-metre ban. That’s all it takes.

As someone who is working in the health sector - collectively we have seen so many diseases that can be linked to smoking, and worse - it affects second hand smokers as well. Not only the health sector is affected but also many others.

Change is slow to come, but we need to make sure it comes. Bangkitlah negeriku, Sabah!

”You don't have to be smart to understand how good this is, you just have to be a human. Be as human as humanely possible”


To those who still chose to go out and enjoy their cig away from the rest of the non-smoking community DESPITE the absence of this law - I salute you for being a considerate human being. May you be an exemplary beacon of hope for all humanity.