To reduce gender pay gap in India

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My childhood can be seen with two perspectives. On one hand I was given the best environment to study in and to live in but on the other hand I had seen the very worst prejudices and stereotypes of the Indian society. I was just going through a book of poems and I came across a wonderful poem, “Another Woman” by Imtiaz Dharker. I was fascinated by the way the poet had conveyed her message about bride burning and the number of dowry deaths increasing in India. I felt that if I was feeling so much pain, I could not imagine the state of the person who has actually been through all of it and how she must have been feeling.I thought that one of the reasons those women cannot stand up for themselves is that they have no pay and their pay is much lesser than compared to a man even if both of them, are at an equal position.

I began researching on the situation of the gender pay gap in India - the latest Monster Study Index in India showed that women earn 25 % less than men and India ranked lowest amongst the BRIC Economies in gender pay parity. After reading about it in depth, I realised that it is not a small problem and needs immediate attention. When I looked at the pay gap in the informal sector, such as the men and women who work in our homes and around us, the gap was unbelievable. 


The situation in India is very serious and needs significant attention.Both awareness and action are equally important in this situation. The best way to spread awareness about the topic is by public debate. We do not need more laws or bills but awareness about this situation.
I am making this petition to request the Ministry of Corporate Affairs that the provisions of the Companies Act 2013 should be amended. The amendment should provide that all companies, irrespective of size, and regardless of the number of women employed need to disclose the gender pay gap in its annual report and also making it illegal to have a gender gap of more than 5%.

I assure the Government that if this petition turns successful, the social and economic conditions of India shall surely improve.

There is a saying Pashtun culture,
“If the men cannot win the battle, O my country, then the women will come forth and win you an honour.”
But Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai wanted to change it to
“Whether the men are winning or losing the battle, O my country, The women are coming and the women will win you an honor."

[1]; published on March 8, 2018