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To Raise the minimum wage to $9.00 for all states its needed

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I know they say that Congress will raise the minimum wage in California yet will they really they have said this before yet they never really do. And at 52 I have seen this country grow and many rise and fall yet it time us regular workers are treated fairly isnt it. and many still in other southern state still make $5 - $7 dollars and in arizona california and nevada they still pay $7 dollars an hour say will you accept it how can one say no if there is nothing else available so they resort to still living below or at poverty and if standard of living is up than our pay must be raised it s time for all our hard work or being over worked must be acknowledged and we be treated fairly and make decent wages. 5 dollars to 8 dollars an hour is so 80's it is time we make 9 dollars and more for many of you deserve that much at least for these days there any job is hard work then one must prove themself and for what cheap pay to be treated cheaply or taken advantage so please get anyone you know to sign this for we all must now take a stand and get better pay everywhere its just logical we have come this far why not go further and live decent everywhere....I live in Las Vegas  firstly it is hard for me to get a job based on that I just turned 52 yrs old. I am from Los Angeles CA Yet I would like to see everyone across the united states make $9.00 per hour whether fulltime or parttime it is livable and at least gives some dignity and honor back.
I feel it is time for our standard of living has gone way up everywhere I feel it is time that if people make a decent wage they would like their jobs and work harder and feel a sense of pride that finally they can live and not starve on minimum wage for it is supposed to be 8.50 yet many do not care what congress did and they keep us workers living at poverty level and for what when it is nothing for them to give up $9.00 dollars an hour that would help so many.I feel anyone reading this should sign it it is free it does cost anything and no one will bother you yet it will get it to the President to consider yet I need a 100 signatures so please sign this it helps so much and we all need it or a friend or family member will so please just sign it....TO EVERYONE THAT SIGNS THANK YOU SO MUCH AND WE HAVE TO GET ANY AND ALL WE KNOW TO SIGN FOR THEN SOMETHING CAN BE DONE  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT

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