To put the rightful kingship in Ga-Dikgale Limpopo. Regency stops now

To put the rightful kingship in Ga-Dikgale Limpopo. Regency stops now

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Why this petition matters

Started by Kgopotso Maila

Our Kingdom was now taken over by regency which cost a lot of problems,pain suffering in communities because of that people lost confidence in royalty and in the true meaning of its power. Our aim is to bring back the rightful kingship back to its original place and to do things accordingly and in a right way so that people will have respect and know what is the true definition of royalty through God's way

Here in Ga-Dikgale regency has taken over and so many things did not go the right way now we are putting a stop to regency and we are doing the rightful things putting the right people in the Kingdom to rule and to take over.

Kgosikgolo Mokgadi Jerminah Maila of the Maila Royal Kingdom

Kgosi Petrus Lekota of the Lekota Tribal House

Kgosi Lesibe Maboea of the Maboea Tribal House

Kgosi Ngwanamphiri Molapo of the Molapo Tribal House

And others.

We the people who want to do things right and stop regency.

By signing the petition it will help us to bring change in our communities and power players will no longer have hold all the things that belongs to the communities everybody will be included in the happenings of the communities and they voices will have a say and power in each and everything that will be happening in the land.

By signing the petition I acknowledge that kingship /chieftaincy must be taken from power mongers and be handed to the affore mentioned above rightful kingship in accordance with the provisions of customary law,so that the community will always have a say in the development of their communities.












21 have signed. Let’s get to 25!