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Petitioning The Palo Alto City Council and 2 others

To prevent the Palo Alto Bowl from becoming yet another hotel/housing complex!

Remember to take a look at the petition that started this cause. In addition to the 807 names gathered here, many of them with comments, the city council did receive a number of other letters and e-mails in support of Palo Alto Bowl. And at the hearing, right after public comments, Palo Alto's mayor instructs council to ignore everything that has been said and written in support of the alley.

I am the founder of the campaign to save the historic Palo Alto Bowl, which is slated for closure on September 16th, and am doing everything I can to make people really think about what will happen if the 55+ year-old landmark -- and a pristine example of post-war architecture -- is destroyed. Over the past couple of days, I have sent two e-mails to the Palo Alto City Council. The first one received a response; the second has yet to receive a response. What follows are my two latest messages to council. I beg of you to read them, and to please consider doing something. Thanks for your time.

"This is another gigantic blow to the disabled community, and as history has shown us, city councils do have the power to change stuff like this ... at the hearing last year, the entire council was even instructed by the mayor to ignore all comments in support of the bowl; I remember that clearly.

I just think that what's going on is beyond sad; it's totally not right; while council has the power to say no and be a government that people respect, they refuse to do so; and the construction of empty hotels as cop-outs comment is sadly true. One look on El Camino shows Palo Alto as the greatest culprit.

The old owner expressed a desire for the alley to stay, and every parent of every disabled student around here was furious at council for what appeared to everybody as approving the go-ahead for demolition; if this weren't true, as you assert, why hold a hearing? To humor us?

Your administration has a shot at making positive change here; you can be the mayor to finally alter the view of Palo Alto government."


"Mayor Espinosa,

You, Palo Alto's current mayor, are not that much older than me; although you did vote last year to proceed with demolition of Palo Alto Bowl (despite overwhelming support for the alley from thousands of people all over the world), as the younger generation seems to be the ones who care about positive change (ironic, since the older folks who grew up during the '50s and '60s, times of awesome positive change in America, are the ones now who act as if they don't care anymore), we can only hope that you take a stand and do the right thing.

Imagine if your brother or some other relative were physically disabled. Imagine if his days at Palo Alto Bowl with his classmates made a gigantic impact on his life, and his very existence, and on who he is as a person; as a human being. An extension of everything learned in the classroom. And imagine that his disability was so severe that it prevented him from going all the way to Homestead Lanes; let alone on a regular basis. And imagine him crying on the day he learns of the center's closure and destruction. And knowing that you're the mayor, he asks you, 'why is this happening?'

What would you say?

For without this historic alley, Palo Alto will be stripped of everything. There won't be anything to do. And to add even more fire, the disabled community is institutionally discriminated against even further.

I pray that you do the right thing."


Please help to save this much-loved and hallowed landmark! The last of a dying breed; don't let the special-interest-serving city council demolish this classic building without a fight!

After you sign this petition, please join the official Facebook Page:

Thanks so much ... please share this cause with everybody you know ... on Facebook; on Twitter; with classmates ... there's no time to waste!  The alley is set to close on September 16th, despite the fact that the vast majority of people around here oppose demolition!  In addition to adding your info, please contact both the city council ( and Barry Swenson Builder (!

Thank you for all that you do.

“It is sad in this community that wealth doesn't make room, not only for special needs, but just for normal people. Most communities in America pride themselves on having things like bowling alleys. We tear 'em down and replace 'em with million-dollar condos”
-- Now-former councilmember and vice-mayor Jack Morton at the public hearing

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