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**“The War On Drugs Was Never A War It’s A Political Hoax America!”**

“The War On Drugs Has To Come To An End, And This Is Why It Needs To End..”
-Society Is In Severe First World Collapse Due To The Never-Ending War Against Drugs. Politicians Make Misleading Speeches Begging America That We Need More Drug Laws To Solve All The Problems In Our Economy Today. The Truth Of This Drug War Is All We Having Accomplished By Creating More Laws Against Drugs Has Allowed Bigger Breeding Grounds For Criminals To Socially Organize, And Grow From.

**If We Ended This War On Drugs Right Now At This Moment We Would Benefit Far Greater In Society Then We Ever Have!** However If We Don’t Do Something Soon The Economy That We Have Worked So Very Hard To Build Will Eventually Burn To Ash Under The Heavy Spending We Have Allowed To Go On For Far Too Long.

-Let’s Face It We Have Absolutely Gained Nothing In Fighting This Childish War On Drugs, And It Is Taking Away American Resources By The Seconds Of Every Minute Of Every Hour Of Everyday, And If We Don’t Stop It The United States Of America Will No Longer Exist Forty Years From Now Because Of The Amount Of Debt We Have Gained From All These Childish Wars On Drugs!

-Legalization Is An Option That We Must Heavily Consider, If We Are Ever To Reduce Crime Rates In Our Country. Here Is How The Economy Will Be Positively Impacted By Ending The War On Drugs Creating A Giant Win Here In America. Today Is The Day We Will Finally Learn How The Drug War Hurts Addicted Drug Victims, Then We Will Learn How It Is Completely Destroying Our Economy, And Finally Why Many Of These Drugs Were Made Illegal In The First Place Here In The United States!

-So How Does This Affect The Addicted Victims You May Ask.
Well According To Drugsense.Org -Quote [“Prisons Across America Are Overpopulated With Drug Addict Inmates, And Because Of This Federal Lawmakers Decide Whether To Use More Tax funded Money For More Prisons, Or More Rehabilitation Facilities”./-Unquote]
This Is Exactly The Problem Over Half Of Our Prison Imitates Are In Prison For Non-Violent Drug Charges!
Cbsnews.Com Reported What Was Said From Former Surgeon Dr. Joycelyn Elders -Quote [Marijuana Needs To Be Legalized Because A High Number Of Our Youth, Our Future In This Nation Is In Prison For Nonviolent Marijuana Related Offenses. -Unquote]
This Is Our Future Sitting Behind Bars America It’s Time We Wake Up, And Do Something About This!!

-How Exactly Are We Going To Do So You Asked, By Using What History Has Taught Us The Prohibition Of Alcohol In 1920 Era Was A Meltdown In Society As Well, Yet It Was Still Being Sold And Used In The 1920s, But By Criminals Called Bootleggers, And Gangsters Were The Ones Now Providing And Selling It Illegally Killing Those Who Got In Their Way!! **To All The Americans Reading This As Well, “If It Wasn’t For The 21st Amendment There Wouldn’t Be Much Drinking At All In America!!!!”**

-The Creation Of 21st Amendment Ended The Prohibition With Alcohol, And The End Result More Taxes Were Gained In Selling The Alcohol Drugs. 

-If Government Were To Use Same Formula, Applying Taxes To Sale Of These Former Said Illegal Drugs Profits Will Be Made, And Greater Revenues Of Income Would Be The Rewards In Doing Such. The Exact Same Companies Which Manufacture Our Over The Counter Drugs, And Prescription Drugs Could Also Be Given The Responsibility In Overseeing The Regulation Of Former Illegal Drugs In The Same Fashion As Alcohol Has Been Done For Almost A 100 Years! And The Paraphernalia That Is Needed To Use These Controlled Drugs Could Also Be Controlled, And Taxed To Benefit The American Economy As Well.

**By Legalizing Drugs The State And Local Governments Corresponding Would Get To Keep And Save $30 Billion Yearly As Well As Time, Money, And Effort Spent Failing Trying To Law Enforcing The Prohibition Of Drugs!**

-On A Federal Level By Doing Such, America Would Save 15 Billion Dollars Every Year! Add The 15 Billion Spent Each Year Per State, All 50 States, And The Grand Total To 1.515 Trillion Dollars We Could Save Each Year By Ending The War On Drugs, And Use To Help Americans Instead Of Arresting Innocent Victimized Americans!

- Also According To Professor Miron, A Harvard Economics Teacher, He States, -Quote [Please Just Say Yes To Legalizing Drugs It Is Very Good For Our Society, And Economy In The United States Of America!/-Unquote] I Personally Completely Agree Entirely There Is So Much To Gain From Legalizing Drugs, Then There Is Wastefully Spending Billions Of Dollars From Taxpayers, And Government Budget Grants!

-Many Of The Illegal Drugs Were Made The United States, Due To Political, And Historical Events Which Took Place, And Since Have Escalated Into Huge Problems In America..

-According To Paul M. Gahlinger, Author Of Illegal Drugs: A Complete Guide To Their History, Chemistry, Use, And Abuse, Says, - Quote [There Are Around 178 Drugs Total Classified As Illegal In The United States, And Most Of These Sick Chemicals Are Unknown To The Public, Doctors, And Even Drug Rehab Therapists,/-Unquote.]

-Paul M. Also States, -Quote [Some Drugs Are Only Because Of Historical And Political Reasons, And There No Evidence Of Their Abuse Or, Reasoning For It To Be Illegal At All!!/-Unquote.]

-Yes What You Are Currently Reading Is Entirely True, And Yes The War On Drugs Was Created For A Solid Political Foundation Under The Authority Of President Richard Nixon, As A Means Of Gaining Power While Still In Office. “I Will Also Mention The Fact That This Enactment Which Took Place In 1970 Has Done Nothing, But Harm Non-Violent Americans.” Which Is Exactly Why The War On Drugs Needs To Come To An End!!!!

As We Can See The Drug War Is Hurting Drug Users In America, And We Need To End The War On Drugs, And By Doing So It Will Help Us Far Greater Here In America. “The Resolution To Do So Has Already Been Tested, And Proven Successfully We Even Have The Records Of It Historically Documented, And The Only Way To Winning This War On Drugs Is To Use Amendment 21 In A New Way Once Again!” “All We Need To Do Is Rewrite Amendment 21 From Repealing Prohibition Of Alcohol To Repealing Prohibition Of All Drugs.”

Legalization Is An Option That We Must Do Sooner Rather Than Later If We Wish To End This Childish War On Drugs In This Country To Reform Our Nation Into A Better One!!!!

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The war on drugs was never a war it’s a political hoax America.
The war on drugs has to come to an end, and this is why it needs to end. Society is too close to facing first world collapse due to this never ending war against drugs. Politicians making misleading speeches begging America that we need more drug laws to solve all the problems in our economy today, but in reality it won’t solve a thing it’ll only get worse due to our defiant nature.

Truth is all this drug war has created for us is grounds for criminals to socially organize from. And we have gained nothing from fighting this childish war on drugs.
Legalization is an option that we must consider, if we’re ever to reduce crime in our country.

The prisons across America are literally overpopulated with drug addicts, and because of this lawmaker’s debate every year whether to use more tax money for prisons, or rehabilitation facilities.
This is our biggest problem America, and over half of our prison imitates are in prison for non-violent drug charges.
The war on drugs can only be won through legalization, and a very high number of our American youth, our future is in prisons for nonviolent drug related offenses, and that’s not just a problem for them it’s a problem for us too.

Legalization has been successful historically in America, and the proof is from the twentieth century, the prohibition of alcohol. Much like the crimes you see today the meltdown in the 1920s were very much the same to the ones you see today. If government were to use same formula from the 1920’s our war on drug wouldn’t be a war on drugs anymore. By legalizing drugs our nation would save 20 billion dollars every year. Fact is many illegal drugs were made illegal in America because of historical and political events. Legalization is the option that we must put in action if we wish to end this war on drugs in our country.

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