A REAL Solution for Firearm Safety

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We must implement a federal system to help safe guard firearms purchasing and ownership. I propose a three part system.

Part I. Upon inquiry of purchasing any type of firearm the prospect must go through a criminal background check at time of purchase and a pre-scheduled and approved psychological evaluation by a creditable AMA Psychiatrist.

Part I Rational: Criminal background checks are imperative to screening the possible use of the firearm for criminal activity. The psychological evaluation will help the owner understand why they want to own a firearm and will screen any possible criminal or violent behavioral motives including identifying self-inflicting motives. 

Part II. In order to own a firearm and prior to the purchase of a firearm the firearm owner must attend and pass a federally designed one-time initial basic gun ownership, firearm law and safety class. Changes in the law will be sent by correspondence via mail or email to firearm owner.

Part II Rational: Every firearm owner should know how to properly store and operate a firearm prior to purchase. The owner should also know the current federal and state laws regarding firearm ownership and the possible repercussions to its use.

Part III. All current and new firearms must be registered with the federal government, a copy of the registration sent to the state government for records. Included is a mandate that all registered gun owners will be held liable for any criminal activity conducted with said firearm, across all state lines, regardless of whether the crime was made by the owner or not. Example; if someone steals your registered firearm and commits a crime, the registered owner is responsible for the crime as if they committed the act. The firearm owner will have twenty four hours to report a stolen firearm to the proper authorities or risk prosecution.   

Part III Rational: This will help insure that firearm owners will safely possess and contain the firearms until the time of its proper use. By keeping the firearm safely stored, it will prevent non authorized users from using the firearm or easily stealing and redistributing to a user not otherwise able to purchase or own a firearm. Currently there are no safety measures on private sales of firearms. One legitimate person could make many private sales to criminals and/or mentally unstable people with no repercussions under the current federal law and many state laws. With this system every firearm will be accounted for by means of registration and be kept safe and out of criminal hands. When an owner (private or licensed vendor) wants to sell a firearm, they must send in a report showing that the firearm is no longer in their position and who the firearm was sold to as well as providing all the proper paperwork required for the sale. The purchaser must provide documentation to the seller and registration that a criminal background check was conducted and approved on the day of purchase as well as the psychological evaluation was conducted and approved within thirty days of purchase to accompany the registration. The federal government will then verify the information and keep on record. This will prevent any legitimate purchaser from selling a firearm or many firearms privately to a person or many people who could not otherwise purchase a firearm from a licensed vendor.

Conclusion: By implementing this three part system it will ensure that people are properly screened for approval of owner ship of a firearm. It will make sure that the owners know the laws as well as understanding responsible ownership and proper use of the firearm and that they will be held responsible for any misconduct made from the use of the registered firearm. This will incentivize the gun owners to properly store, register and keep the firearm out the hands of unauthorized persons.

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