To offer good quality education to little one's and make a difference to parents finances

To offer good quality education to little one's and make a difference to parents finances

4 June 2022
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Why this petition matters

Covid took a toll on all of us. Our finances and living expenses.We all want what's best for our children as well as the cost of a good quality Daycare and Aftercare these days are expensive. We as parents pay the schoolfees and have to provide the food as well and contribute to many funraisers throughout the year.

We would like to start our own Daycare and Aftercare center. All you as parent has to do is dropping off your child and the rest wil be provided by our Daycare and Aftercare. We are NPO registerd ���We busy with our registration at DSD but need premises so we can complete our registration at the DSD to ensure we are all safe and reliable to look after your little one❤️and to offer the best educational. 

We are in need of premises and would appreciate your comment and signature to be situated in our town Stellenbosch. Which will be central and convenient for most of our parents and safety is guaranteed.

Our mission is to provide a safe and secure DAYCARE/AFTERCARE (a home away from home). Lift the strain a little bit on finances and try to the best of our abilities to offer good quality education on your child's whole growing up development

What is our aim...

To establish a Daycare for ages 2 to 5 yrs old for now. The more growth the more we can provide.

Providing a good nutritional menu which includes breakfast and lunch and delicious sandwiches as well as warm and cold beverages. ��������️☕

Qualified Teachers

Structured Daily programs, assessment reports each term, year planning on themes, holiday programs etc��✂️����

A Safe place for our children (a home away from home)

Only 2 annual fundraiser for the year

Opening times in summer 7 till 6
Winter 7 till 5:30

Aftercare during school and school holidays. Helping them with their homework and provide a snack or healthy nutritional meal. They will be supervised as well. A place to be during school holidays for R650.

Transport will also be considered at an afortable extra fee

School holidays open through the year, except during December school holidays

All this for a start off school fees of R2850 7:00 till 18:00 (full day) and (half day),from 7:00 till 13:00 R1850

We aim to uplift our community and provide employment as well.

You only need to send your child the rest will be provide

Help us by signing this petition if you as parents agree this is the break you need and agree this would change your lifestyle and put a break in your mornings and stressing less about what to buy for this week for you child's breakfast, snack and lunch and aftercare children's homework that has been done. You as parent just need to check that everything has been done and you have more quality time with your children���




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Signatures: 56Next Goal: 100
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