Petition Update

Saving American Studies II

Simon Bronner
Harrisburg, PA

Dec 18, 2013 — Following up my last note (I am limited in space), people have written about whether to show support by resigning from the ASA or in their capacity as program heads withdrawing institutional membership. There may be different opinions on whether to stay and "take back" the ASA from hostile takeover or to withdraw and form a different organization. I think this is a matter of individual conscience, but if you do resign or withdraw membership, do let the organization know why. I have heard especially with program and department heads concerned for the reputation of American Studies as a scholarly field that it is probably time for an alternative organization that better reflects American Studies as a scholarly enterprise. I know of several discussions in different quarters and I ask if you are involved in one of these to let me know, so they might be coordinated.

A Vote Against Israel and Academic Freedom
A Vote Against Israel and Academic Freedom
With American colleges and universities imperiled by a bad economy, declining enrollment and persistently high costs, a group of scholars gathered last month in Washington, D.C., to discuss the crisis. No, not that crisis. I mean the Israeli-Palestinian crisis. That's right.