Petition Update

Saving American Studies

Simon Bronner
Harrisburg, PA

Dec 18, 2013 — Many people are writing me asking about next steps. One is to be vigilant and bring to our attention other organizations that are threatened with an assault on academic freedom that we have seen in ASA. We are also concerned about hostility (such as hate speech), intimidation, and harassment that you might face for your principled stand. If you experience this, don't be silent. Report it to authorities or let us know so your rights can be protected. A number of Provosts and Presidents have already spoken out against the boycott and assure the public that they will not condone hostility against faculty and students on campus.

A Vote Against Israel and Academic Freedom
A Vote Against Israel and Academic Freedom
With American colleges and universities imperiled by a bad economy, declining enrollment and persistently high costs, a group of scholars gathered last month in Washington, D.C., to discuss the crisis. No, not that crisis. I mean the Israeli-Palestinian crisis. That's right.