Petition Update

Council Refuses to Give Balancing Information

Simon Bronner
Harrisburg, PA

Dec 8, 2013 — Earlier I wrote that I made a request to the Council to provide information that balances the Council's claims for boycott. That request was refused by ASA President Curtis Marez with the statement that members know how to get that information if they want it. We note the way the deck has been stacked, however, and misstatements by the Council are not allowed to be challenged. So this is more reason to get ASA members to vote not to endorse or abstain whether against the boycott or the kind of biased leadership that is being exhibited. David Bernstein has also blogged with a caustic piece on the "lunacy" of the boycott: see

A Watered-Down Boycott Resolution on Israeli Institutions
A Watered-Down Boycott Resolution on Israeli Institutions
By David E. Bernstein From the bowels of academia comes news that the National Council of the American Studies Association has voted in favor of boycotting Israeli institutions. The boycott resolution goes to the full membership for an up or down vote.