Fair and equal treatment of all players in the Fairyland forums

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The current situation in the Forum moderating is frustrating to most of the Forum Users and Readers. Players are getting warnings and are being given bans for simply asking questions, stating their honest opinions and feelings, giving feedback of the game and some are even being accused for ''asking forum magic''. Furthermore, large amount of the posts are being deleted for no reason. This creates one sided image of the game in the forums where only few are ''allowed'' to post their opinions/views without any restrictions, while everyone else is being pushed out, silenced and discarded.

We find this to be completely not fair to the majority of the Forum Users and Readers. The moderators are being biased and not impartial when they moderate the forums. Moderators must be objective and treat everyone equally. They should be passive monitors and not selectively deleting and banning players. In many cases, there hasn't been any kind of breaching of the forum rules. This also leads us to believe that the same people who are constantly allowed to post in the forum ,swarming it with their posts, are the moderators themselves. If this is true, then the problem is even bigger. The moderators are NOT supposed to take sides and give opinions on the matter, because then they simply can't be objective. Hiding their identities only gives them more power to abuse their positions and gives us more reasons to believe that this assumption is true! Therefore, WE ask for a change in the way forum is managed!

Many players are afraid to post anything at all because of fear of abuse and public humiliation of their opinions. Many others have chosen to simply leave the game because they don't want to play a game where they are getting forum ban for asking help or stating their opinions in a polite manner without breaking ANY of the forum rules!

Some said: " I don't need that drama in my life.I will find a better game"; "I feel attacked, targeted, bullied and put down for every post I make" ; " My posts are being picked apart and I get "lectured" even when I am just giving my feedback "...

Dear Mike, please consider this petition and investigate the matter .

Also, please follow through on posts in the forums where you say there will be updates and/or changes. This helps keep the communication lines open between you and your loyal players.

Thank you!


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