To Marvel Comics: Put Quality Writing and Respect for Our Heroes and Your Fans First

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The comic book community has long been a place of tolerance and refuge for those who share a love of superheroes. Our community is a model for what we wish to see in the world with the sharing of common values and interests. In our community, politics, gender, creed, race, and religion are cast aside when we identify our love for a comic, character or story. Our finest heroes serve as examples of hope, justice, and tolerance towards each other regardless of outward appearances or beliefs. In our community, no matter who we are, where we have been or where we are going, we can share a brief moment of awe or love for a story, or character that has inspired us. Comics and heroes bring us together and comic shops and conventions act as our sanctums of coexistence. In all the the communities of the world we can certainly be counted among the most tolerant and the most diverse. In recent years though, the content of our books and the conduct of our heroes have brought conflicts into our community that were not there before.

In recent years, Marvel Comics has chosen diversity and political agendas over quality stories. Marvel has replaced or otherwise shamed several of its core characters due to said characters not conforming to Marvel's diversity "checklist". While Marvel has provided a broad range of newer characters they have done so at the expense of character development and inclusiveness of their fans. As such, fans now feel alienated because the heroes they read are telling them that if they differ from the writer's or artist's beliefs, then they are the enemy. A reader should not feel guilty for being born a certain race or sex nor should a reader be pandered to when all a reader wants to do is get lost in a moment of fantasy. Marvel's agenda pushing has also created the impression that even anti-Semitic messages have a place among one of comic's greatest teams; The X-Men. The artist of the X-Men Gold series made his dislike of Jews and Christians quite clear with his artwork and parting words after being terminated from his position. The X-Men have long stood as Marvel's shining example of diversity, tolerance and coexistence. Considering that several of its key characters and Stan Lee himself are Jewish this should be taken as the last straw. While this was not directly Marvel's fault the fact that the artist felt that his views had a place among the X-Men should come as troubling. We are no longer getting comics, but rather blatant religious and political propaganda tools.

While Marvel's intentions were certainly good they have not yielded a positive result for the fans, the characters or the sanctums that are our comics shops and conventions. Marvel, we do not value the race, gender, religion or orientation of your characters. We only value quality characters and stories. Within our community, tolerant and quality human beings are always welcome and we do not condone violence or discrimination for disagreement or physical traits. Marvel, respect our heroes, respect our community, respect the legacy of Marvel comics and respect your fans. Put the fans and stories first. Not your ideologies. We are not to blame for poor comic sales. You are. Be the heroes and save Marvel's legacy. Make quality the only word that matters.


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