Ban Single Use Plastic in Utah

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The more we pollute this earth, the less we are going to get from its beauty. We should be standing side by side as human beings and helping this earth. With this petition, we will be able to ban single use plastic from Utah, and slowly, this will expand worldwide. Because in the end, the earth has provided for us, and it's the least we can do to help give back. Plastic is useful in our society, and I am not saying to ban it from Utah, only single use plastic, the type you use once and throw out, like straws, containers for fast food or restaurants, sometimes plastic bags, and other types of one use plastic. We will begin in our community and expand to the state of utah. This world cannot sustain itself at the rate of pollution we are going at, so we need to stand together, and not let our planet crumble before our eyes. 

In 2016, it was calculated that half of the annual plastic production was meant for single use plastic. Roughly 167,500,000 metric tons of plastic was produced in the year 2016.

4 trillion plastic bags are used a year, and only 1% are recycled. 100 billion of these plastic bags are simply thrown away, not even recycled.

50 billion water bottles are purchased annually by Americans, 91% of these are not properly recycled. We are not purchasing a round a million plastic water bottles a minute globally. Most of which will soon end up in the ocean and in animals' stomachs.

Plastic bags and other plastic garbage kill up to 1 million seas creatures annually.

By 2050, there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish.

Do we really want this to happen? To turn our planet into a big ball of plastic? It's one thing to state facts, and it's another to do something about it, and change the facts. While people can say 'recycle' or 'don't use straws', it's easier said than done. We must step up now, we need to clean up our earth, because if we don't, soon we wont have one. We shouldn't have to move to another planet because we have polluted ours to the point that it is uninhabitable. We need to fix our mistakes, and it isn't too late. Signing this petition is a start, but we need to come together as a community and fight for our wildlife and oceans. They cant speak for themselves, but we can listen, and we can take one minute to see that our earth is dying, and that it's now or never. Take a stand!

The United States has diminished a multitude of laws to protect the environment, and it is obvious that we cannot let the fate of our planet rest in the hands of politicians. Change must come from the people, and that is what we are trying to do with this petition. The world is suffering immeasurable consequences from our everyday use of plastic. The more we research it, the more we become aware of the damage we can imposed on our world.

Our goal: To gain enough signers that awareness will spread. Our plan is simple, we do not say Recycle, we say Reusable! We must ban single use plastic, I ask Senators Mitt Romney and Mike Lee, help us make a difference! Utahns use 940 million plastic bags a year! Most of these bags are only used for twelve minutes before being disposed of, improperly! It does not matter what political party you are a part of, what belief system you choose to believe in, or what country you live in, we are all humans, and it is our duty to protect the earth. We never should have damaged it to the point that this amount of drastic action must be taken, but if we are there then so be it! We will fight until the end for our planet, because in the end, it is our home. 


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