UK Citizenship refused to 8 years married mother, just on English Test hidden cut-off date

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Petition to appeal against Home Office refusal of citizenship for wife of a UK National - just on not having taken new English test, even though far easier than English exams already passed.

Please could you help by signing - to appeal against the unjust principles used by the UKVI department of the Home Office - in unfairly rejecting applicants based on technicalities, applying the latter unjustly like straightjackets, not considering their appropriateness, so creating a hostile environment to immigrants?

I am a British National and my wife Vickie is from the Philippines, married to me for 8 years now after coming to the UK on a fiancée visa in 2010. 

Vickie applied for U.K. Citizenship in March 2017 but was refused on 7th July ‘17 on a technicality relating to a new English test, recently introduced, which is far easier than other English exams Vickie had already passed. All the other conditions for U.K. citizenship were met and Vickie has since passed the UKVI new English test as soon as she was able to attend an IELTS test centre in Manchester, just to suit the UKVI new requirements.

We wish to object with the way the Home Office UKVI department unscrupulously reject UK citizenship and ILR applications from established immigrants on a technicality and unjustly keep the huge fee paid, when processing only costs around £400. For example rather like they did in refusing the nearly qualified NHS doctor Luke Anthony Ong an ILR (a permanent UK visa), in being a few days late according to their rules, even though the application was submitted before his previous visa had expired. The Home Office has now finally now reconsidered this application and granted his ILR – after over 340,000 signatures on his petition. This is a triumph for people power, where so many have rallied together peacefully to make a stand against injustice. 

In promoting this partition too, you are also making a stand against the following unjust practises of the UKVI of the Home Office:

> Applying rules like a straightjacket, not even considering whether such rules are appropriate in each case. 

> Being inflexible in not considering other English tests equivalent to their new test as they did before, even if they are at a higher standard  

> Being inconsistent in one month accepting other test results regardless of when passed and then the next month suddenly adding a cut-off date at an inappropriate time, without properly informing the applicant 

> Relentless increase every year of visa fees and citizenship fees to well beyond reason, over FIVE times what processing actually costs. 

> Exploitation of poorer families with such fees, 

> Dividing families, caused by the effects of increasing fees far beyond what is reasonable.

 > Causing unnecessary stress and heartache at being unfairly refused a visa or passport, again with the likely repercussions of dividing families. 

> Practising the injustice of asking an applicant to pay the whole £1350 fee again (for citizenship) or paying over £2000 again (for ILR) for not meeting a technicality in a new rule, even going against the statements of their own customer support department !

> Keeping applicants waiting for months and then not giving them time to satisfy last minute changes the UKVI themselves have introduced. 

> Does the UKVI Refuse a visa or citizenship application because it is more convenient or easier to do so, or to keep their statistics on track - because they are required to give an answer to every applicant within so many months?

> Expecting a full time mother of a 3 year old who does not drive, to take a new English test in under 2 weeks in the nearest IELTS test centre which is over 100 miles away in Manchester - over 2 hours by bus and train. 

> Expecting an applicant to pay £370 for a reconsideration (NR) application which is only likely to succeed if the applicant proves the UKVI themselves have made a mistake! In other words, the UKVI can make a mistake, refuse the application and then be paid more for making a mistake !

All the above points create conditions which weigh heavily on UK visa and citizenship applicants from foreigners, making them feel like 2nd class citizens, especially in the current environment where Brexit is looming next year. In promoting this petition we are one step forward to making established immigrants feeling more welcome and at home in the UK. 

I believe the above case with the UKVI is symptomatic of a lot of other unfair cases, where legitimate UK residents who have been married to a UK citizen for years then fall foul of the unjust new English test requirements, which are surreptitiously introduced in a website that is misleading and poor at making known such changes. For example, in December '16 the UKVI website stated that if you had taken a test that was accepted at the time of a previous successful application for ILR (which it was for my wife) then "you do not need to take another test" period -  with no mention of any cut off dates.