Stop the wave of lynching caused by false allegations! #CrushSilence

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To International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH )

We believe that any crime should be punished, and every victim should receive proper support and protection. The huge wave of suddenly raised allegations of sexual harassment manifests a new trend of false accusations that ruin the lives of both famous and common people. Public defamation and shaming are done long before a formal judgment is made. In the cases where the accused person is found innocent, it’s already impossible to restore his ruined life and reputation. As a result of false accusations people lose their jobs, careers, friends and families.

Human dignity is inviolable and a fundamental right. The above is a clear violation of the basic human rights as proclaimed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly (UDHR 1948). In particulate, violated are the following articles: presumption of innocence (article 11), right to privacy – no attacks on honor or reputation (article 12), freedom from distinction of any kind, such as sex (article 2).

The fear of becoming the next victim of slander has a horrifying impact on every aspect of our lives. It affects our social behavior, code of conduct at work, friendship, family, and romantic relationships. Meanwhile, real crimes are lost in the noise created by false accusations leaving the criminals unpunished and the true victims without the proper attention and support.

We are men and women from different countries who consider the following vital:

  • Protect the anonymity of the accuser and accused, at least until a conviction of guilt is made;
  • Increase punishment for making false accusations and ensure their enforcement;
  • Maintain an equal attitude towards men and women in cases of similar charges;
  • Strictly forbid any statements, comments or publications by not authorized people, media or social media posts referring to specific cases or individuals, until concrete elements of an offence have been proven;
  • Provide psychological support and financial compensation for victims of false accusations and related slander.

We request the International Federation for Human Rights to act immediately and to take the necessary measures to protect the innocent from false accusations.

The #CrushSilence movement encourages all people, men and women, to stop the wave of lynching and slander to restore justice!

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