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To implement the no-violence in The School

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The no-violence is a fight strategy against all discrimination type (the accusation, the hole, the peaceful and organized resistance, etc.) inside the School. It is also a learning strategy, becoming a new Pedagogic Model based on the Solidarity and a growing humanization.
is a philosophy and strategy for social change that rejects the use of physical violence. As such, nonviolence is an alternative to passive acceptance of oppression and armed struggle against it. Practitioners of nonviolence may use diverse methods in their campaigns for social change, including critical forms of education and persuasion, civil disobedience and nonviolent direct action, and targeted communication via mass media. In modern times, nonviolence has been a powerful tool for social protest. See in

It is urgent to implement a teaching model with the approach of the New Humanism that includes:

"In the first place, the perception of and action of the external landscape involves the body and an emotional way of being-in-the-world. Of course, as I have previously mentioned, it also commits one to a particular vision of reality. That is why I believe that to educate is fundamentally to prepare the new generations to exercise a non-naive vision of reality, so that their look takes the world into account not as some supposed objective reality-in-itself but rather as the object of transformative human actions.

I am speaking here not of information about the world but rather of the intellectual exercise of a particular unbiased vision of landscapes and of an attentive practice turned to one's own look. A basic education should bear in mind the practice of coherent thinking. In this case, we are not speaking of knowledge in the strict sense but rather of contact with one's own registers of thinking.

   2.   In the second place, education should provide the stimulus for emotional comprehension and development. Therefore, in planning an integrated education one should consider exercises in both theatrical performance and other kinds of self-expression, along with the development of skills in harmony and rhythm. The objective of all this is not, however, procedures that claim to "produce" artistic talents, but rather to enable individuals to make emotional contact with themselves and others, thereby avoiding the disorders that are produced by an education based on isolation and inhibition.

            3.         In the third place, we should include a practice that will put into harmonious play all of a person's corporal resources. Sports can lead to a one-sided rather than integrated development, and the discipline we propose more closely resembles gymnastics practiced as an art rather than a sport, because it involves getting in touch with one's body and managing it with ease. For all these reasons sports would not be considered a developmental activity, though the cultivation of sports could be important if based on the discipline referreto above."
(The Human Landscaped- Silo)

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