The Bulletproof Revolution to Protect the Republic of the United States of America.

The Bulletproof Revolution to Protect the Republic of the United States of America.

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Take back our Country. Take back your State. Save the Republic of the United States of America.

Join the Bulletproof Revolution to Protect the Republic of the United States of America 

The reason for this petition.

Reason 1. Since the 1960s era Supreme Court rulings of Reynolds vs Simms & Baker vs Carr which corrected the immediate need of protecting the votes of minorities within the States, but also negated the outlying County Voters Voice within the State Election Process. 

The Supreme Court rulings included a clause of requiring State Voter Districts of equal numbers. This action however has proven to be a failed attempt to be inclusive of the outlying Counties and the solidification of the heavily populated greater metropolitan voting districts. Overnight the States move from a Republic Style Voting Process to a Democratic Majority Voting Process, an unconstitutional act.

Reason 2. The Constitutional Clause when amended that states; New States may be admitted by the Congress into this Union; but no new State shall be formed or erected within the Jurisdiction of any other State; nor any State be formed by the Junction of two or more States, or Parts of States, without the Consent of the Legislatures of the States concerned as well as of the Congress.

As an example of the current voting disparity, according to a fact-check by the Associated Press during the 2018 election country wide; candidate number one won only 497 counties but won the popular vote. Now compare candidate number two who won some 2696 counties but lost the popular vote and it is blatantly clear the need for a like Electoral College Voting System now within every State itself. The same held true by the State Vote total also with candidate one winning 23 States & the popular vote nationwide while candidate two won 37 States nationwide. This example only proves the brilliance of our Forefathers in writing the Electoral College System for our nation on the federal level. 

Today “We The People” are calling for all three branches of our Government to fix the unconstitutional damage created within the States by these needed, but singular minded rulings in the 1960s.

Between the Supreme Court rulings of Reynolds vs Simms & Baker vs Carr coupled with the inclusion of the amended constitutional requirement of a two-stage requirement for any like-minded Counties to partition like-minded groups of Counties from their original State we have two unconstitutional issues that need to be addressed by the end of 2019.

Our expectation is that the Supreme Court, Legislature, and current Presidential Administration develop a four (4) vote per County Electoral College by County System to meet our Forefathers vision of equal but separate representation of both the individual voters & the by County Voters within the States. 

An equal but separate by State fulfilling our Forefather vision of the United States as a Republic. Plus the elimination of many current State voting policies of a biased individual popular voter majority resulting in the discrimination of rural County Voter representation through the for “All Electoral College Vote to the Winning Candidate decided strictly by the Popular Vote”, that so many States have, or are moving  toward & implementing that negates the majority rural County Voters Voice within our State election process.

We also firmly believe the “Rank Choice Voting System” in Maine, and being implemented or pushed for by many falls far short of a fair & balanced Voting Voice for the Voters of the Rural Counties.

Vets, LEOs, & Military - Where Do You Stand?  Democrats are circumventing our Constitution’s Electoral College Vote by State by assigning all the larger States Electoral States’ Vote to the Majority Vote. With our Forefathers Idea, or the Democrat Left’s cunning & deceitful manipulation of our Constitution & way of life. 

The reason we suggest a four (4) count recognition by County, in- State, Electoral College Vote System is to be more inclusive at State level elections of a 3rd & 4th Party Candidate recognition to which our current system within the States & Country we find lacking.

Our expectation is for our three branches of our Government; the Executive, Congress, & the Judicial based on the Supreme Court’s rulings previously stated.

1st. The Supreme Court either rewrites its rulings from the 1960s requiring the States to all establish a By-County Electoral College Majority additional voting process with the same weight as their mandated, one citizen, one vote policy which created the now popular vote that removes any Voting Voice that the outlying Counties had entirely, or the Supreme Court Justices work with both Congress & the Whitehouse to resolve all issues surrounding each level of these unconstitutional issues based on all levels of our demands.

2nd. Between our three branches of government, to be all inclusive, Congress, or the Supreme Court, or the Executive branch of our Government create a streamlined approval authority to allow like-minded blocks of Counties to partition themselves from their original State. The Constitutional issues here are both the loss of a true Voting Voice within their State and at the same time the loss of self governance and subject to “taxation without true representation” that exists in so many States right now.

3rd. All current Counties are to be frozen or returned/retro’d to January 1st, 2019 should any of the States try to preempt the rulings of our three branches of government’s solution to these unconstitutional issues.

4th. Our expectation is for a resolution to these voting & representation issue by the end of 2019 to assure a fair & balanced voting process before the 2020 elections. We demand until our three branches of government are able resolve these unconstitutional voting & representation issues should they not resolve all above unconstitutional issues as expected that the 2020 elections be postponed by however many months or years it may take for our government to do so.

5th. “We The People” will also, when enough signatures have been accumulated, will file a lawsuit for $100 Trillion Dollars per each branch of our U.S. Government, the Executive, Congress, & the Judicial, payable to the People from our U.S. Gold Reserve to immediately pay in full the U.S. National Debt. This action will force a long needed accounting of all U.S. Gold Reserves.


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