Hijab is compulsory in Islam, & construction rights to practice our culture.

Hijab is compulsory in Islam, & construction rights to practice our culture.

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Ayesha aslam Shaikh started this petition to To, 1) The chief justice of India and

Subject: Hijab is an Essential Religious Practice in Islam and the freedom of religion under article 25 of the Constitution should not restricted to only "Essential Practices"


The quotes are in the process of deciding whether the hijab is part of the "Essential Religious Practices of islam". The Karnataka government has even said that the hijab is not one of the "Essential Religious Practices" of Islam.(1)

HIJAB IS A COMPULSORY PRACTICE (FARZ) ISLAM ALL ISLAMIC SCHOLARS have unanimous agreed about this. There are many texts from Quran and the Hadees who is this beyond a shadow of doubt. When all Islamic Scholars that hijab is Farz (compulsory, Essential) - the cold should not consider taking a position that it is, "Not an Essential Religious Practice"

FREEDOM OF RELIGION UNDER ARTICLE 35 OF THE CONSTITUTION SHOULD NOT BE RESTRICTED TO ONLY "ESSENTIAL PRACTICES" The Article 25 all the Constitution says, "All persons are equally entitled to freedom of conscience and the right freely to process, practice and propagate religion."

Nowhere in the Constitution is it mentioned that this freedom is only for Essential Religious Practices. The scope of religion should not to be narrowed down to some practices which are deemed to be "Essential Practices." Other religious practices should not be left out from the ambit of "Religion."

Who will DECIDE WHAT ARE ESSENTIAL RELIGIOUS PRACTICES? NEITHER THE COURT, NOR THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD DECIDE WHAT ARE THE "ESSENTIAL PRACTICES" of a RELIGION, rather it is the experts of that faith who should have the final say in that matter. Information is gathered from 100s of sources and long in-depth studies are done by experts in the field. It is not open for the Court to intervene in a religious matter and open religious books and decide after reading just a few verses what is "Essential" in religion and what is not.

In this manner, in the coming years, entire religious practice which are essential to a religions will be taken away in the name of ERP and Articles 25, 26 and 30 will remain as mere words in the democracy.

People of all faiths and cultures have lived together with tolerance in our country. We request you to extend your co-operation and understanding and save our country from intolerance and discrimination.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Aslam Shaikh, Ayesha Aslam Shaikh



8 have signed. Let’s get to 10!