"Sullys Way Or No Way"

"Sullys Way Or No Way"

13 August 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Kimberley Moss

Peter O Sullivan,  ex - professional footballer,  who played over 400 games for Brighton & Hove Albion,  suffers from dementia. He recently had a bleed on the brain , resulting in time spent in hospital . His wife Kimberley spent most of the time caring for " Sully" during his stay .She devised a plan that allows a family member or a close friend to care for the loved ones basic needs but also to speak for those that can't. 


The option of appointing one person , family member or close friend , of the patient as full point of contact.

Nominated person to receive a " Sullys Way " pass to be visible on the person.The " Sullys Way" passholder will adhere to any Covid protocols including proof of testing .

Continuity in care with specific needs . It is often difficult for medical staff to administer oral drugs, with the help of " Sullys Way" passholder this can often be accomplished without unnecessary stress to the patient.

A " Sullys Way" diary that captures progression of the patient or decline.Often it is noted by the medical profession the family or friends see changes in behaviour.  If documented in the diary this can help the patient to receive the best ongoing care.


The NHS is under immense pressure, increasingly patients , family are highlighting that BASIC care is NOT available. 

The ability to fully monitor patients.Especially with dementia sufferers hospital stays , that are often confusing with minimal contact seeing a decline in their condition. 

The ability of a " Sullys Way" passholder to be involved in decision making.

A fully coordinated care plan, allowing the " Sullys Way" passholder to access to real needs of the patient on discharge from hospital. Allowing any adaptations to their home to be completed in good time.

Allows the " Sullys Way" pass holder to remain  fully connected to their loved ones.

Helps the medical staff to be relieved of some of the mundane  care tasks and gives staff breathing space  whilst knowing their patient is getting the attention they deserve.

Unrestricted access to patients with specific needs such as those with cognitive issues . The " Sullys Way" passholder can organise their day better without  the imposed visiting times. Many sufferers BECOME agitated at sundown,  having the extra care at this time will help.

Pediatric care usually allows a parent to remain with the child this should be extended to patients that need the same amount of care as a child.

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Signatures: 76Next Goal: 100
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