Gerald Marshall is Innocent! Free him from a wrongful Death Sentence

Gerald Marshall is Innocent! Free him from a wrongful Death Sentence

June 12, 2020
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Started by Mackenzie Owens

     Gerald Marshall was wrongfully sentenced to death 16 years ago in Harris county, Texas, for capital murder in the course of a robbery attempt of a Whataburger Restaurant. He is a victim of false accomplice testimony, prosecutorial, police and judicial misconduct, eye witness misidentification and systemic racism in Harris county at the time of the trial. He is now being killed for something that he did not do.

Gerald’s prosecutors, who had already been called out by the 180th district court for their corruption and suppression of evidence in another capital case, used the testimony of a jailhouse informant who received a sentence of one year in county jail instead of a life sentence and the perjured testimony of a co-defendant who received a probation sentence for aggravated robbery instead of a life sentence for capital murder to testify against Gerald.

There are statements, DNA evidence and witnesses that could prove Gerald’s innocence that were never brought up during his trial. Gerald’s attorneys factually presented no defense and one of them had already been sanctioned by the state bar for violating many rules of conduct. They also never brought up key points at Gerald’s trial that could have proved his innocence, for example:

ーBoth witnesses could see nothing to very little of the perpetrators face, but both stated, that the shooter was dark skinned, slim and left handed. Gerald is light skinned, broad built and right handed. 
ーA key witness did not identify Gerald in a photo lineup but picked out a person who looked exactly like his co-defendant Ronald ‘Bo’ Worthy. This witness only later in the trial identified Gerald after cops had told this witness he had picked out “the wrong person”.

ーGerald’s co-defendants, Ronald ‘Bo’ Worthy and Kenny Calliham were housed together for several weeks – contrary to a “keep separate order” before the trial and this allowed them to ‘concuct’ a story to frame Gerald. Ronald Worthy also admitted to a witness, that he went into the Whataburger with a gun. Since the prosecution based their case against Gerald on the theory, that only one person was in the Whataburger, then Worthy must have been the killer.

ーFirst Calliham gave a statement saying that both Gerald and Ronald returned from the store at the same time, he later testified that Ronald returned first and Gerald returned after the gun was fired. This is one of many of Kenny Calliham’s contradictory statements. The same prosecutors who used Calliham as a witness against Gerald later presented him as a “liar” who could not be believed in Ronald Worthy’s trial.

All objective evidence points towards Ronald Worthy as the perpetrator:
ーRonald Worthy owned and disposed of the guns used in the robbery, he also was most likely in possession of the firearm used to shoot the victim minutes before the robbery/murder took place

ー Most importantly: as documented in the police file, Ronald also gave his girlfriend bloody clothing to dispose of so that the cops would not find them, these clothes were said to be disposed of right outside of their apartment complex. This was never investigated. On the contrary Gerald’s clothing was evidently clean.

At the time of Gerald’s trial, none of these points were presented to the jury and they ultimately sentenced him to death. Now ask yourself, is Gerald responsible for the robbery/murder and does he deserve to die? Also at the time, the district attorney was known to be a racist and was caught sending derogatory emails to his colleagues, he was one of the main people responsible for Gerald’s sentencing. 20 of the last 21 people sentenced to death in Harris County were people of color. Only one defendant was white.

Gerald is at the end of his appeals. His case represents a corrupt travesty of justice. His case deserves to be reviewed so he can prove his role in the crime and possibly get a reduced sentence and the rehabilitation he needs. Also I would love to find him proper legal representation that could actually put up a fight for him and prove his innocence. All I’m asking is that you just share this in order to get his case looked at again, this man has a son and a family. He does art and still has way more to offer to this world. LETS STOP THE SYSTEM FROM FAILING GERALD, We can’t let another innocent man be killed by this system. All of the information and evidence about his case can be found at and if anyone can help me get proper representation for Gerald please email me at or mail to:

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Signatures: 7,022Next Goal: 7,500
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