To fight global crises (climate change, etc.) we need a "Global Republic“

To fight global crises (climate change, etc.) we need a "Global Republic“

11 July 2022
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António Guterres (Secretary General of the United Nations)
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Started by Karl Baumann

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The major challenges we face as a society within the beginning of the 21st century are on a global scale: climate change, water shortage, hunger, migration, over population, inequality, health pandemics, biodiversity, inflation, war, to name the most relevant - see also the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from the United Nations.

The economy and international companies are well organized on a global scale. The World Wide Web and the digital transformation of key activities work as a booster for these developments and lead to a concentration of capital and power (keyword: network effect). Companies can work within a globalized market (Adam Smith: The wealth of nations) and can choose the most adequate environment in order to maximise profits. The consequence is a global competition within countries for legal, social and health standards (e.g. the lower the taxis, the better for the companies).

This competition based on the concept of a perfect market, intended to provide a maximum utility resource allocation, obviously is not working sustainable. We see rising temperatures, rising natural catastrophes, rising loss of biodiversity, rising social inequalities, rising debts of central banks (e.g. FED, ECB) and thus rising collectivisation of resulting costs (e.g. bailing-out-programs and post-Covid-19 financial support), rising numbers of broken relationships and rising stress, major root cause for all kind of sicknesses (e.g. cardiovascular disease, burn-out, depression).

Mimetic forces (greed, envy, jealousy) are the driving forces within these liberated markets and trigger various unhealthy social developments (e.g. poverty, loneliness) and leads to an exploitation of nature (e.g. climate change), natural resources (e.g. loss of biodiversity) and a downward movement of environmental, social and health standards.

To develop and guarantee these basic standards (Adam Smith: The moral sentiment), we need at least an equally strong global political power to balance all these mimetic forces of liberated markets on a global scale.


The political system is still organized mostly on national levels and supra-national political institutions do not have the power and/or the necessary democratic legitimization.

Currently, we have a political vacuum on supranational level and lack global sustainability powered by efficient and transparent global (grassroots) democratic decision-making processes and structures (e.g. Covid-19 has shown this clearly).

To reach this successfully, we think, this has to be done within an institutionalized “Global Democratic Republic”.

The concept of a “Democratic Republic” is historically speaking the most successful frame for wealth and prosperity. On a global scale it is new and includes a form of (grassroots) democratically legitimized global constitution (based on the human rights), global tax-system, global legislative (e.g. democratically elected UN General Assembly), executive- & justice institutions and global independent media.

With this petition we want to call for the development of a "Global Democratic Republic" as the basis for a healthy global society, supplied by a sustainable global economy!

  • With the help of the World Wide Web, smartphones, blockchain, etc. we have got the technology now to organize global (grassroots) democracy.
  • A global political system institutionalized within an global parliament will focus on political discussions within competing political parties rather than national particular interests.
  • (Grassroots) democratically legitimized global decision making will bring back the political power to the people, away from global corporations.
  • A globally focused coordination can optimize resource allocation in addition to the "invisible hand of the market".
  • Global independent media and critical journalism, the essential 4th column of a democracy, can be financed through a global tax system. New journalism with a independent global focus can evolve.
  • etc.

IDGR - Institute for the development of a Global Republic

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Signatures: 1,093Next Goal: 1,500
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  • António GuterresSecretary General of the United Nations