To get Bell Aliant to provide much better cell phone service in the Aylesford Lake area.

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Aylesford Lake and surrounding areas has had poor cell phone service for years. I was told from a Bell/Aliant technical repair person that the area is over 7km away from the closer cell phone tower that services the area. This according to the rep is considered "a very long way away from a tower". I was also told that Bell Aliant has a policy that if enough people call and complain about poor service they will look at adding equipment to better service that area. I know we pay anywhere from 2000-2600 a year for our two Bell company cell phones and that does not include the 2400 for the Bell Fibre Op service at our home in Hatchet Lake. I feel that is enough for Bell to provide better service to our Aylesford Lake area. If you are a Bell Aliant customer and feel the same sign the petition and call Bell technical repair and complain about the poor service. 1-800-667-0123 or 611 from your cell phone.