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Petitioning Vice Chancellor, University of Delhi, Delhi

To fulfill genuine demands of Delhi University's research scholars.

Because it extends the assertion of fundamental rights of Delhi University's research scholars that are being jeopardized due to ignorance of Delhi University administration, despite of recognition from University Grants Commission.

Letter to
Vice Chancellor, University of Delhi, Delhi
The Vice-Chancellor,
University of Delhi

(Sub: regarding demands of DU researchers)
We, students of University of Delhi, feel to be anguished with your indifferent attitude towards research in the University. Even though we are considered to be one of the coveted centers for academic research in India and it draws students from across the country. But the absence and denial of some of the basic facilities like financial assistance and accommodation by DU authorities to its students in general and research scholars in particular, have pushed the research scholars in a state of permanent crisis, particularly in city like Delhi which has sky-rocketing house rents and cost of living. Thereby, the steady deterioration of basic facilities, opportunities compounded by throttling of democratic rights have made the conditions of researchers precarious and compromised the quality and productivity of research. In this context, what is really shocking that the “non-NET fellowship scheme”, introduced by the UGC for ALL research scholars of all Central Universities in India, have been DENIED to the majority of researchers in DU through arbitrary restrictions by the DU authorities. During XI Plan sufficient funds were made available to provide fellowship to M.Phil/Ph.D students who are not in receipt of any other fellowship. On the one hand, there is utter denial of hostel facilities to the majority of the researchers reflecting University’s total insensitivity towards our hardships due to regular hikes in rent in the city, on the other hand, even the financial assistance made available by the UGC is being illegally denied to them. Not just this, those of us who survive such hardships and finish our research have been hopelessly waiting for the academic appointments, even while more than 4000 faculty posts remain vacant in our University.
We Demand:
• Providing Non-NET UGC Fellowship to ALL M.Phil/ Ph.D research scholars of DU (who do not get any other fellowship) as per UGC’s scheme and its unambiguous clarification.
• Speedy Appointment in ALL permanent faculty posts
• Hostel facilities for ALL researcher scholars
• Immediate resumption of the democratically elected Delhi University Researchers’ Association (DURA)
• Increase in the Intake of M.Phil programs which is abysmally low and arbitrary. This should be increased and regularised in proportion to M.A.’s passing percentage.

Copy to:
1. Chancellor of Delhi University
2. Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD)
3. University Grants Commission (UGC)
4. Dean of all Faculties
5. Head of Department of all departments

All India Students Association (AISA

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